Tuesday, April 28, 2009

App Store Completes 1 Billion Downloads: A Success worth Trumpeting

It is time for the Apple’s executives to blow the trumpet and celebrate their success. On the 23rd of this month, in late afternoon the App Store hit a billion downloads and set a milestone in the platform of mobile phone. It is indeed amazing and overwhelming to see the store get so many downloads in just 9 months and 12 days. In his Wednesday’s quarterly conference call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer declared the news and said “We are within hours of reaching our 1 billionth download. It's an astounding number given the short nine-month history of the App Store.” Well, not within few hours but by the next day the App Store surely hit the sky.

Well, it is quite obvious that one of the major factors that has been feeding this growth and in turn has been growing for it is the size of the install base of the App Store, which has been estimated by COO Tim Cook to be an unbelievable figure of 37 million. This fact also puts light on the number of iPhone and iPod Touch on circulation across the globe. According to Apple over the past 7 quarters, 21.17 million iPhones and nearly 15.80 million iPod Touches have been sold.

However, the most important factor behind this huge success is the quality and of course the quantity of the applications in the App Store, which according to Apple is more than 35,000 and according to 148Apps, which by the way keeps their independent count is 37,462. Without any doubts, every single iPhone developer finds the platform to be ideal for displaying their creative applications. A huge installed base, an extremely comfortable environment for development and a smooth payment system are the basic factors that make the store so popular among the developers.

But the question is will this breakneck growth continue for long? Even though the rate of new applications being added to the store has slowed down, the rate of downloads still remains very high and increases by day. The fever chart below perfectly displays the growth.

However, this entire scenario can change over the coming quarter with the release of the new SDK (Software Development Kit) and the iPhone OS 3.0. Well, and if the rumors are true, then Apple has a new family of App Store enable portable devices under development, which will surely accelerate the flow of new and more powerful apps.

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