Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Highly Recommended Application for Game Lovers

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Released Date: 6th March

Seller: stephen thirion © 2009 Stephen Thirion

Price: $3.99

The amazing Eliss iPhone app has smoothly paved its way to the top list of iPhone gaming applications. In spite of the praise the app received from the developers, it is absolutely on the users to judge the potential of the application. However, to the satisfaction of the app developer, Eliss has been equally appreciated by the users, if not more. Not only that, the application has been further nominated for the IGF Award for offering innovative gameplay, unique game control and a typical retro art flare. The game has indeed been a breakthrough in the iPhone gaming platform and has made a benchmark for every iPhone developer.

This revolutionary multi-touch game offers unlimited fun and excitement to the players. Once you install the app, you will find yourself glued to your iPhone, well, most of the time. So, without wasting much of the energy, let’s talk about the innovative gameplay of the Eliss app.


Your main objective as the player would be to maintain harmony in an oddly formatted universe made of weird blendable planets. Use the touch-control of the game to join multiple planets and create huge orbs or split them into countless tiny planets and match the size with the sqeesars. In simple words, in this game you will find several spheres appearing on the screen. You need to put these spheres into their respective color matching containers.

The game has been designed with an extremely advanced multi-touch-control interface. Each of the 20 game levels of the app requires distinct strategies and innovative ways as far as your finger gestures and movements are concerned. As you progress, the game becomes complicated as well as challenging.

With amazing gameplay, unique game control, perfect music and simple graphics the Eliss iPhone app is sure to become a huge success in the global iPhone gaming platform.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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