Sunday, April 5, 2009

Everybody Awaits the Launch of iPhone OS 3.0 with Much Expectations

After much discussion on the new iPhone OS 3.0 from the developers’ point of view, Apple Inc. had finally revealed some of the new features that have been integrated in this version. These features have been developed in favor of the consumers. Developers have specifically emphasized on providing features that would help consumers and users to do a lot of thing on their iPhones that they were unable to do until now. It would include features like copy-paste and of course stereo Bluetooth.

What’s on the new iPhone OS 3.0

Well, to start off with let us focus on the copy-cut-paste option that will be included in this new iPhone OS 3.0. This feature will primarily work within and between SMS, email and Safari. Any 3rd party application will also be able to utilize this feature if and when required. The process will be somewhat like this; once you double-tap a text block in an email, a text selection tool will pop-up. Then you need to drag the text selection tool over the text that you intend to copy. After that, tap on any of the three buttons indicating cut, copy or paste according to your requirement. The buttons will appear automatically on top of the selected text.

With OS 3.0, iPhone users will be able to enjoy few other facilities as well. MMS, landscape-format keyboard support for editing as well as writing text messages, message forwarding and the option for sending multiple photos through emails are some of the amazing features that users will be able to enjoy with this new version of iPhone OS. For a quick look, here is a list of some of the other features:

Syncing of notes

Creating iTunes account from the iPhone itself
Creating YouTube account and subscription in the YouTube application
Advanced Search option
Stereo A2DP Bluetooth (only for the iPhone 3G)

However, Apple has decided to make it free for original iPhone owners and also for iPhone 3G. iPod touch owners in the US would have to buy the software with $9.95. And for UK, the price of OS 3.0 will be declared at the time of its release.

People from all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of this new iPhone OS 3.0 with really high expectations. According to experts and market analysts the release will open up a new horizon for every iPhone developer across the world.

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