Sunday, April 5, 2009

iPhone Applications: More than Fun and Entertainment

Ever since the release of Apple’s iPhone on 29th June 2007, the market of smart phones has reached the zenith. iPhone, the unique combination of iPod and cell phone has become so popular mostly because of its huge database of different kind of downloadable applications. Initially these applications were designed as simple playful distractions, similar to the games found on other cell phones. But, over the time developers have diverted their focus from creating entertaining and playful applications to more serious and useful applications in order to fully utilize the diverse functionality of the device.

Independent iPhone developer as well as iPhone application development companies from all over the world have ripped their brains to create unique and innovative applications that would help users in their day-to-day life. They created apps to help users locate nearby restaurants, translate foreign speeches, get latest news updates or even identify the songs playing on radios.

Even though iPhone applications started off as simple distractions, today the usefulness and variation of these applications cannot be denied by the users or by the developers and programmers. Today, there are more than 25,000 paid as well as free applications stored in the App Store. Each app has been correctly placed under the appropriate categories, which include Utility, Productivity, Health & Fitness, Games, Entertainment, Music, Medical, Education, Business, Sports, Social Networking and many more.

iWith the popularity of the iPhone and its varied applications increasing day by day, the question that still remains unclear is whether iPhone users consider these applications to be useful tools that come in handy in their daily life or they still take these apps to be sources of simple playful distractions.

However, iPhone application developers and programmers are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas in order to create applications that would not only entertain users but help them in every sphere of life.

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