Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Top Three Thesaurus Apps on iPhone: Your Guide to Good English

Most people who are associated with the academic field, especially the students are quite used to the convenience of thesaurus. Using it you can actually make a very simple sentence sound much more serious and important. But what if, you are on the move and need to write a piece on some serious issue, which requires good language? Well, there is a solution for this too. All you need is an iPhone. By including some very convenient thesaurus apps in the App Store, Apple has made it easier for iPhone users. With a thesaurus app installed on the device, you don’t need to worry about your writing skills anymore!

There are quite a few apps that offer this essential writing tool on the iPhone platform. However, take a quick glance at the three most popular iPhone thesaurus apps and choose the one you want on your iPhone.

Oxford Thesaurus of English

Oxford Thesaurus of English



Price: $24.99

Seller: Handmark, Inc © 2009 Handmark, Inc

Considering the almost double price of the print edition of the Oxford dictionaries, the price of its iPhone version, which is $24.99, does not seem much to the users. Oxford dictionaries are gold mines for English language reference. Handmark’s Oxford Thesaurus of English is the best English thesaurus application on iPhone. It offers 100% accuracy, includes examples and usage notes. The iPhone developer had very clever added some special features to the app, which makes it even better. The terms that are listed in the entry are cross-linked and when tapped, the terms first get enlarged for a clearer view rather than jumping straight away to the entry.

To get the Oxford Thesaurus of English app, click on the following iTunes link: – Dictionary & Thesaurus

Category: Reference

Price: Free

Seller: © 2009, LLC.

This is yet another extremely popular and widely used English thesaurus app available in the iTunes Store. This app delivers top graded reference content from the and the website without any Internet connection. The app includes more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms, which is more than enough to satisfy the users. In respect to features and user convenience, most users will agree to grade the – Dictionary & Thesaurus app to be the best of its kind.

To find the app in the iTunes App Store click on the following link:



Price: $0.99

Seller: SearchQuest, Inc. © 2008 SearchQuest, Inc.

With so many users across the world, the Thesaurus (SearchQuest Inc.) application has undoubtedly become a well-known English thesaurus app available in the App Store. This application is simple, easy to use and worth $0.99. On this app, you will find a list of all possible English words categorized as synonyms, antonyms, related terms and similar terms. However to access this English thesaurus, you need to have an Internet or WiFi connection. Well, some people think that this app does not help users much, as there aren’t any notes or examples included. To decide the most appropriate term, you actually need to see an example or read some notes defining the meaning and usage of the word. Nevertheless, Thesaurus is successful in providing the basic synonym and antonym for English words.

To know more about this application, click on the iTunes link below:

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