Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SkyCoaster 3D: The Wildest Roller Coaster Ride Now on Your iPhone!

Release Date:
18th March

Seller: KUANLOONG YONG © Ziconic

Price: $0.99

The SkyCoaster 3D application is undoubtedly the best iPhone entertainment application in the world. Within a few days, SkyCoaster 3D has become one of the top paid entertainment application throughout the world. This amazing 3D roller coaster with high-speed simulation is indeed a breakthrough for iPhone developer. With the SkyCoaster 3D application, you can feel the heart pounding excitement that you would feel in a real roller coaster ride, right on your iPhone.

With great introductory price, amazing realistic feature and superb graphics and animation, the SkyCoaster 3D iPhone application offers unlimited excitement to the users. iPhone application developers have used a panoramic photography and the 3D rendering engine of the device to create this fully customizable roller coaster experience. You can customize and adjust the speed, height, length of the track and even the loops and the downward spiral effect.

Unique Features

The SkyCoaster 3D application offers a whole range of outstanding features:

• Fantastic 360 panoramic backdrops.
• Roller coaster moves include turn, twist, loop and corkscrew.
• Extremely advanced engine belonging to the roller coaster generation.
• You can customize the ride according to your preferences. The tracks generate randomly as per your choice, each time giving you a unique experience.
• The application features two unique modes: conventional mode and suspension mode. You can switch between these two roller coaster modes according to your wish.
• You can view your current position during your ride from the overview mode.
• You can play any of your favorite tracks from your iPhone or can enjoy the built-in techno soundtrack of the application while you take the ride.
• The application is based on realistic roller coaster physics.

So, don’t waste time! Buy the SkyCoaster 3D application immediately from the iTunes App Store and experience the wildest roller coaster ride you can ever think of.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Card Counter iPhone App: Learn Card Counting Tricks from Your iPhone

Category: Games

Release Date: 27th February 2009/ Upgraded Version Released on 6th March 2009

Seller: © TMSOFT LLC

Price: $2.99

The Card Counter iPhone application has indeed left the Nevada Gaming Control Board in deep thoughts. This awesome application will teach you to count cards like a pro, but in a legal way. The Card Counter iPhone gaming application will teach you each and every technique of counting cards that will help you to play the real game at casinos and win every hand. iPhone developer designed the Card Counter application in the most simple and convenient way in order to help the users learn the different card counting techniques within minutes.

The Card Counter iPhone application was released on 23rd Feb, 2009, and since then has become extremely popular among casino goers across the world. Card Counter is featured in the iTunes App Store under the paid gaming application category and is priced $2.99. The price might seem to be a bit high for many of you, but actually it is nothing compared to its functionality. Counting cards with help of cell phones is considered as illegal by Casino owners. With this unique application, you can now easily count cards and that so legally.

Game Features

Following is a list of different features of the Card Counter application:

• The card tutorial feature of the application demonstrates the card counting procedure.
• You can learn the counting system by the studying the featured chapters.
• The Card Counter application features 5 unique game levels; easy, medium, hard and
• You can polish your skills on the practice modes.
• You can check your progress with the world wide high score ranking.
• Includes the basic strategy reference card of Blackjack.
• On Card Counter, you can learn all different card system like Hi-Lo, KO, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt-II, Silver Fox, Omega II etc.

So, sharpen up your card counting skills with the Card Counter application and amaze your opponent players with your unique ability to keep the card count.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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iHandy Carpenter: A Perfect Carpentry Tool Kit on your iPhone

Category: Utilities

Release Date: 20th February 2009

Seller: © iHandySoft Inc.

Price: $1.99

iHandy Carpenter is no doubt one of the best and the most useful utility iPhone applicationever developed. This unique application turns your iPhone into the smartest, lightest and handiest carpenter tool kit. Released on Fe 20th 2009, the iHandy Carpenter application has been hugely applauded by worldwide iPhone users. You can enjoy the facility of 5 different carpentry devices on your iPhone including surface level, plumb bob, bubble
level bar, steel ruler and steel protector.

iPhone developer has fully utilized the touch-screen technology and built-in accelerometer of the device for designing the application control. Here are the 5 professional carpenter tools featured in this application:

1. Plumb Bob: this tool helps you to measure the verticality of wall, lines or any surface. You can measure this in two ways; by putting the device back-to-back on the wall or by putting one edge of the iPhone on the wall.

2. Steel Protractor: use it measure angles, clockwise and anti-clockwise from 0 - 180.

3. Surface Level: this tool is used for leveling any flat surface. To measure the slope you need place the device on the sloped surface. The reading of “x” indicates the angle of slope.

4. Steel Ruler: the ruler displays both inches and centimeter scales.

5. Bubble Level Bar: this exactly replicates the original tool that you will find in carpenter stores.

Instructions for calibrating the iPhone

• To calibrate the plumb bob tool; find a corner with two straight walls on the sides, place your iPhone in the corner, so that the two sides of the device touch the wall and then press the “Calibration” button.

• To calibrate the surface level and the bubble level bar; find a horizontal table with flat surface, put the iPhone on the table top and press the “Calibration” button.

So, with the iHandy Carpenter iPhone application you can now work like a professional carpenter and take quick measures with your iPhone.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Check Your Skills and Strength as the Vampire Slayer with the iDracula – Undead Awakening iPhone Application

Category: Games

Release Date: 16th March 2009

Seller: Chillingo Ltd © MoreGames Entertainment

Price: $2.99 (Updated price)

Is your heart weak? Are you scared of Dracula and other ghostly creatures? Or do you fear darkness? If yes, then the iDracula – Undead Awakening application is surely not for you. This exciting, scary, addictive and heart pounding iPhone gaming application is sure to captivate users with its amazing graphics, excellent sound effects and superb gameplay. According to worldwide iPhone users, iDracula – Undead Awakening is one of the most exciting and impressive games ever developed for the iPhone platform.

Designing the iDracula – Undead Awakening application was indeed a breakthrough for iPhone developer. Smooth and polished animation, excellent sound track, realistic sound effects, superb gameplay and outstanding game control make iDracula – Undead Awakening a pleasurable experience for players.

The Gameplay

You play the iDracula – Undead Awakening game as a vampire slayer trying to save himself from the attacks of Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and Dracula. It is basically a shooting game where your main objective is to shoot the horde of ghostly creatures and earn point with each hunt. The game starts with slow monsters and simple gun, but as you reach higher levels, the monsters grow stronger as well as faster.

iDracula – Undead Awakening Features:

The application offers 6 different weapons; Rifle, Gun, Grenade Launcher, Crossbow, Machine Gun and BFG.

Powerful graphics and excellent animation.
Survival Mode and Rush Mode (two game modes)
Power pickups
Great quality and reasonable price ($0.99)

So, what do you think? Will you be able to stand the night? Save yourself? Hunt down the creatures of the dark? To know all this and feel the excitement, buy the iDracula – Undead Awakening application from the iTunes App Store and install it onto your iPhone NOW!!!

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing iPhone Application – Turns Your iPhone into a Virtual Sketchpad

Category: Productivity

Release Date: 21st January 2009

Seller: Elliot Lee © Gengar Studios

Price: Free

The newly introduced Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing application offers a unique experience to iPhone users. This amazing application allows two iPhone to create pictures and illustrations together over the WiFi connection. The Whiteboard productivity application is basically a fun app with great potential and variable uses. On this application you can not only explore your creative skills but can at the same time share your talents with your friends and create a unique picture together.

This peer-to-peer networking feature of the Whiteboard iPhone application further supports multiplayer games like Dots, Tic-Tac-Toe and so on. Released on 21st January, 2009 the Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing application has already become one of the most popular productivity applications iPhone developer have designed for the iPhone platform.

Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing Application Features

iPhone application developers have designed this application with unending possibilities. The Whiteboard application features include:

Two iPhone can draw simultaneously one canvas.
Easy to use paint or typical graffiti like interface.
Supports Bonjour wireless networking.
Brush Preview.
Marker width can be adjusted.
Full screen drawing.
iPhone and iPod Touch compatible.

The application turns your iPhone screen into virtual sketchpad, where you can draw anything and everything you want with your fingers. There are a number of colors and different sizes of brushes that you can choose from as per your requirement. You can further erase unwanted lines with the eraser. By utilizing the built-in WiFi functionality two devices can be joined together giving two users the opportunity to show their creativity simultaneously.

However, to explore your creative potentials all you need to do is go to the iTunes store and get the Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing application downloaded onto your iPhone.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Friday, February 20, 2009

iSpot the Diffrence - Photo Hunt Game: Tap the Differences and Win the Game!

Category: Games

Release Date: 19th February 2009

Seller: Myounggun Han © Kevin Han

Price: $0.99

iSpot the Difference is undoubtedly one of the most popular games that everybody enjoys playing in their spare times. But, now a day people don’t get much time to sit with a magazine or newspaper to enjoy few minuets playing this entertaining classic family photo hunt game. With the launch of the incredible iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game application, you can play the pencil on paper Spot the Difference game for hours and hours. The iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game exactly duplicates the original version; only you will have to use your finger instead of a pencil to point the differences.

Released on 19th Feb, 2009, the free gaming application is already being widely appreciated by iPhone users from all over the world. The iSpot the Difference application is basically a web based game that you can access from Safari on your iPhone. iPhone developer have used the touch-screen technology of the device to develop the game control. You can spot and mark the differences simply by tapping the screen. On this application, you need to scan two similar images and spot 5 differences between them within a limited span of time.

The iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game Features:

• You are awarded point for each correct spot you point.
• The application features 3 hints that will help to identify the differences. But using each hint would deduct points from your account. On the other hand, you will be awarded with Extra Hint Bonus for each unused hints.
• Points are further deducted, when you make incorrect guesses.
• There are up to 204 game levels featured in this application.
• The application features 3 different categories; General, People and Christmas.
• The time limit reduces every time you reach the next level and also when you make mistakes.
• The built-in global leader board records the highest scores of worldwide players.

So, if you really want the classic Spot the Difference game on your iPhone, then get the iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game application downloaded from the iTunes App Store and start playing now!

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Chop Sushi: Enjoy Playing the Best Match 3 Puzzle Game on Your iPhone

Category: Games

Release Date: 14th January 2009

Seller: THQ, Inc.© 2009 THQ Wireless Inc.

Price: $2.99 and a Free Version

Chop Sushi is a pure entertaining puzzle game that will entice you with its unique features and innovative gameplay. According to some users, Chop Sushi is one of the best puzzle applications on the iPhone. With the Chop Sushi application, you can keep yourself engaged for hours in the sushi-machine mayhem. The Chop Sushi iPhone application is a typical match 3 puzzle with 40 challenging game levels that you can enjoy playing on your iPhone. With easy to use game control, exciting game levels, colorful graphics, quirky storyline and awesome features, the Chop Sushi game has indeed become one of the best of its kind.

The Gameplay

While designing the application, iPhone developer have specially focused on keeping the control of the game easy and simple. You can use the touch-screen of your iPhone to pickup chopsticks and swap the pieces of sushi over the board. At the beginning, the game remains simple but as you reach higher levels new challenges come up with the introduction of new sushi combinations. Each of these new recipes has distinct effect such as extra turns, healing or draining health.

The main objective of this innovative puzzle game is to lineup three or more similar sushi pieces. You can pick up and swipe the pieces with the chopstick and move them. Your computer controlled enemy creates various obstacles. As you proceed with the game, you can buy new recipes and include them in your game board.

Chop Sushi Application Features: Simply Awesome!

• Three game modes: Adventure, Quick Play and Challenge. On the Adventure mode you play the game and battle with your opponents. The Quick Play mode, allows you to replay the puzzles that you unlocked in the Adventure mode. On the challenge mode, in restricted number of turns you need to pair up the recipes on the game board.
• Match 3 puzzle action with touch-screen game control and anime style graphics.
• New sushi recipes in Adventure mode to collect.
• By creating combo’s, you can trigger your collection of sushi recipes and destroy your enemies, which also includes the dangerous WASABI BOMB!

With subtle twists and tricks, Chop Sushi not only offers new challenges but gives the users unlimited fun and excitement that otherwise no other match 3 genre puzzle game could offer. The longer you play, the more addicted you get to the game. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Chop Sushi application from the iTunes App Store and enjoy every bit of your moments with the amazing puzzle.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Westward iPhone Application: Get the Unique Experience of the Wild West!

Category: Games

Release Date: 4th March 2009

Seller: Handmark, Inc. © 2002-2009 Sandlot Games Corporation. 2008-2009 Astraware Limited

Price: $4.99

The exciting and extremely addictive Westward iPhone game offers iPhone users a unique opportunity to experience the life of a Frontier settler living amid the wild, tumble and rough environment of the Westward. Handmark Inc. has created the Westward application based on a very popular PC game. Westward is basically a fun filled strategy game that can keep you glued to your PC and now to your iPhone for hours. Released in 26th January 2009, the application has already become popular among iPhone users of all age group across the globe. The application is featured in the App Store under the paid game application category. The price of this application ($4.99) might seem to be a little high initially, but as you start playing the game, you will surely find it worth every penny.

The Gameplay

On this gaming application, you play as a hero, leader and rescuer. You can build new thriving towns, explore the dense forest, undiscovered plains and rocky canyons. As the leader, you provide security and guidance to the settlers and ensure them success in every way. Along with the power to control the destiny of the Wild West, you further need to manage your resources and at the same time fight with natural disasters like drought and fire. The game becomes complicated as you proceed. The “Mad Russian”, is a fraud who cheats the settlers by snatching their life savings. You need to trail his movements, capture him and bring him to justice before he cheats someone else.

Features of the Westward Gaming Application

The Westward application is indeed one of the simplest, yet exciting gaming applications developed for the iPhone platform. Here is a list of the basic features of the Westward iPhone application:

· As the leading man and the controller of the town, you need to guide the settlers to build communities and make camps for themselves.

· The application features 4 different locations and more than 20 exciting levels.

· It further features additional levels in order to provide some extra fun.

· You can create and also customize the town with more than 25 different types of buildings.

· The application further offers unique and original music soundtracks that add to the excitement of the game.

So, if you are really looking forward to have some fun and adventure on your iPhone, then get the application installed on to the device and start playing the fascinating Westward gaming application NOW!

For iPhone developer, designing games for the iPhone platform is not so difficult, but to make it successful and popular is where the challenge lies. To find more exciting and unique iPhone games, you can search though the iTunes App Store and download the applications on to your iPhone.

Pros: Amazing graphics, unique gameplay, authentic music soundtrack; these are all the features that make Westward one of the best gaming application in the App Store.

Cons: One of the very few drawbacks of the Westward app is that it is a bit hard on the battery. So it is better to play the game when your iPhone has full charge or when you are in a position to charge it. Another problem that users face is the screen size of the application.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Easy UPdown Timers wTilt and Shake Control iPhone Application

Category: Productivity

Release Date: 14th of Feb 2009 (latest version on 12th March 2009)

Seller: Greg Morris © 2009 Energize Software

Price: $1.99

The Easy UPdown Timers wTilt and Shake Control is a unique and extremely useful application that has been exclusively developed for the iPhone platform. With this application you can enjoy having 20 different counters and timers on your iPhone with a single view of any one timer as well as a view of multiple timers with scrolling option. Easy UPdown Timers wTilt and Shake Control is one of the newest Productivity application that has become so popular after its release on the 14th of Feb, 2009.

You can buy this application with $1.99 from the iTunes App Store and install it onto your iPhone to enjoy its unique features and facilities.iPhone developer have designed this application with a wide range of unique features that are easy to use and extremely useful. Tilt and shake control, customized text and picture, timer linking are the few basic features of the application. These highly configurable countdown timers support up and down counting and are equipped with audible and visual alerts. This helps you to calculate the time you spent on cooking an item, washing and drying, project meetings or just driving your car.


• To count down the time for a task that you regularly, you need to set a unique timer and reuse it whenever you need to. This is probably one of the best advantages of the flexible timers of Easy UPdown Timers wTilt and Shake Control.

• Each of the 20 timers featured in this application supports up and down counting. Status indicators, customized title and the facility of adding pictures from your iPhone library to identify each timer are some of the integrated features of each timer.

• To start, stop or reset the timer and increment or decrement time, you simply need to tilt or shake the device.

• You can choose any of the three alert sounds for countdown timers. The alerts will sound when the countdown reaches zero.

• Each timer has individual buttons for start, stop, reset and clear timer. By using the numerical keypad you can enter the timer countdown time.

Apart from all the mentioned features, the Easy UPdown Timers wTilt and Shake Control iPhone application further offers some more unique and useful features.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Drink Mix iPhone Application: Drink According to Your Mood and Personality!

Category: Lifestyle

Release Date: 14th Feb 2009 (latest version released on 26th February 2009)

Seller: Krysis, LLC © 2009 Krysis LLC

Price: $0.99

The Drink Mix is indeed a unique kind of application created exclusively for the iPhone platform. No matter whether you are a seasoned drinker looking for some changes in your regular drink or a newbie in search for adventure, the Drink Mix iPhone application is sure to satisfy you with its unique features and ability. iPhone developer have designed this application to provide you with a suggestion of drink that would perfectly suite your personality and mood.

This simple yet unique Drink Mix application is featured in the App Store under the Lifestyle category. Released on 14th Feb, 2009 the Drink Mix iPhone is in fact one of the best drinking applications ever created for the iPhone platform. To download this application onto your iPhone, you need to first buy it from the iTunes App Store with $0.99.

Features of Drink Mix Application

The Drink Mix application has taken drinking application to a new height. Unlike the other similar applications, Drink Mix has this unique ability to match drinks according to your personality as well as your current mood. The application suggests drink based on 5 distinct points of individual compatibility. Drink Mix features almost all virtual classic drinks in its database. It quenches your curiosity for unique drinks by making some minute observations of your personality that will leave you simply spellbound. You can select your drink based on the following categories; Personality, Mood, Gender, Appearance and Glass Type.

After you have chosen the category and input all your information, the application will automatically mix drinks and suggest you a drink that will, without any question match with your personality and mood. The application further provides you creative and unique commentary on your drink compatibility as well as gives you a brief summery about how to prepare the drink.

So, if you want to have a unique drinking experience, take help from the Drink Mix iPhone application and customize your own drink!

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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The Gym Buddy iPhone Application: Your Best Companion for Exercising

Category: Health & Fitness

Release Date: 10th Feb 2009 (latest version released on 11th March 2009)

Seller: Anywise Enterprise, LLC © 2008 Anywise Enterprise, LLC

Price: $2.99

Are you looking for a workout log where you can chalk out you workout programs, define your own exercises and log your sets according to your wish? Then here is the golden opportunity to do all this on one single application. The Gym Buddy iPhone application offers all this and more to keep you fit and healthy. Although there are few other similar apps, Gym Buddy is no doubt one of the most easy to use and adaptable workout log application developed for the iPhone platform.

According to some iPhone users, Gym Buddy is the best of its own kind. The latest version of the application was released on 10th Feb, 2009 and has already become popular among iPhone users. iPhone developer have designed this application with a very simple and easy to use user interface. Tap and touch the touch-screen of your iPhone to use and navigate through the application.

The Gym Buddy Application Features

• The application allows you to make changes and edit the sets that you had already created. You can change the time, weight & reps and notes of your sets anytime according to your convenience.

• You can sort your exercises in a workout in any order you wish to. You can further flip through the set directly from the input screen. Speed and simplicity is the key feature of the Gym Buddy application.

• The Gym Buddy application features three countdown timers where you can check your rest periods. The timers beep and buzz on its own at any duration, but if you set it to start automatically, then it would start whenever you enter a set.

• You can email your history to keep a backup and for storing it to a spreadsheet. You can arrange the mail by exercises, workouts or even time.

• The result page is displayed in a very compact and concise format, which can be segregated as time frame, workout and exercise.

• On the input screen, you can further view your previous workout and exercise results, which would undoubtedly help you to determine your target.

• The Gym Buddy application can calculate your One Rap Max for each and every set and track down your best achievements. To celebrate your achievement, it flips the screen and says “YES”, just to motivate and encourage you for further improvement.

• Detail screen is added with each of your workout and exercise, which includes an elaborate description of your performance.

• You can further add notes of maximum 4 lines, to each of your exercises. You can make future plans and add a note, which will appear on the input screen.

• Supports kilograms and provides results in decimal weights.

• For the convenience of the users, the Gym Buddy application supports other languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Italian.

However, with all these easy to use and extremely useful features, Gym Buddy is no doubt one of the best Healthcare and Fitness applications available in the iTunes Store.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Experience the Ultimate Excitement of Poker-Based Casino Game

3 Card Pro Poker iPhone Application: Experience the Ultimate Excitement of Poker-Based Casino Game

Category: Games

Release Date: 10th February 2009

Seller: Avalinx LLC © 2008-2009 Avalinx, LLC

Price: $4.9

Based on the world’s most sought-after poker based casino table game, 3 Card Pro Poker is the exciting and addictive gaming application created for the iPhone platform. This superb iPhone application doubles the excitement of users by offering the thrill of poker and the fun and excitement of a casino. Better known as Three Card Poker or Tricard Poker, the game is simply awesome. Now with the launch of the 3 Card Pro Poker application, you can carry around and play the casino table game anytime, no matter wherever you are.

Since its release on 10th Feb, 2009, 3 Card Pro Poker is already being voted as one of the best casino game applications so far. The 3 Card Pro Poker application is priced $4.99 and is available in iTunes App Store. The application will guide and help you to become a master in casino games, so that the next time you actually visit a casino, you can surprise your friends by playing the best game ever.


The game starts off with a Three Card Stud Poker table and three betting circles for each player. Each of these circles are used for different purposes; the circle at the top is for the pair-plus bonus bet, the circle in the middle is for ante and the third and the nearest circle is for raise bet or play. These three unique circles will help a player to play two poker games simultaneously. The three card stud poker game follows a completely separate winning hierarchy, which is more challenging and difficult too.

3 Card Pro Poker Features

iPhone developer have designed this application with a series of awesome features. The 3 Card Pro Poker application includes extremely valuable tools for training. ‘Ask the Dealer’ is one of the most important tools that will help you to determine the best way to play your current hand. The application further supports reviewing of the percentage of your winning games; so that you can you can make required changes in your winning strategies.

With this outstanding and extremely addictive 3 Card Pro Poker application, you can now enjoy hours learning and playing new and unique casino games that you have never played before.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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Photogene iPhone Application: Edit Your Photos from Anywhere, at anytime!

Category: Photography

Release Date: 1st March 2009

Seller: Omer Shoor © Omer Shoor

Price: $2.99

With the Photogene iPhone application, you can have all the fun with your digital photos. The application features a comprehensive range of really professional tools for editing, which would help you to edit a photo on your iPhone. This spontaneous and easy to use Photogene application won the editor’s choice award by PC magazine and is considered as one of the top 100 iPhone apps by the iLounge magazine. On this application you can do a lot of things in order to improve a photograph; rotate, mirror, crop or straighten a titled photo, adjust color balance, add text bubbles, frames or shapes etc.

This amazing photo-editing iPhone application is the
best photography application featured in the App Store.You can buy the Photogene application from the iTunes App Store with $2.99 and directly launch it on to your iPhone. iPhone developer have designed the Photogene application with a very easy and simple user interface in order to make it convenient for all iPhone users.

What You Can Do on Photogene

This outstanding iPhone photography application offers you a range of awesome editing tools.

Crop Mode: The crop mode allows you to crop an image and remove the unwanted sections.

Rotate Mode: This mode supports rotation (clockwise/ anti clockwise) and flip (vertical/ horizontal).

Sharpen Mode: Sharpens blurred images.

Color Adjustment Mode: Allows you to make color adjustment (manually/ automatically). This mode includes color adjustment, level adjustment and special effects.

Symbol Modes: This mode allows you to add text bubbles and other shapes to the image. You can further resize, change color and change location of the added symbols.

Frame Mode: The frame mode features different types of frames that you can add to your image.

• Redo and Undo Button (undo/ redo multiple actions)

• Save Button (save the image in your iPhone photo library)

• You can further zoom in and out and move the image on your iPhone screen.

With all these features and more Photogene, has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and downloaded photography applications available on the iPhone platform.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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