Monday, December 29, 2008

The Price is Right application

The 35 year old top TV game show, The Price is Right, is now available on your iPhone! iPhone application developers Ludia and Freemantle Media, have specially designed the application for the iPhone gaming platform. The awesome Price is Right iPhone application brings out the excitement and thrill of the original TV game show onto your iPhone.

The application was launched by Ludia in the month of November, 2008 and since has been appreciated by worldwide iPhone users. Featured in the iTunes App Store, The Price is right application is considered to be one of the best and popular gaming applications ever created for the device. It provides extremely easy user interface and impressive graphics. The iPhone game is almost as good as the original game show, but of course has some limitations.

Game Features

The main objective of the game is to guess the actual price of various items. The Price is Right application offers 16 different pricing games from the TV game show, which includes Cliff Hangers, Plinko, Punch-A-Bunch etc. along with Constant’s Row, Showcase Showdown and Big Wheel. The application features two different game modes; Single Player Mode and Party Mode. To play on any of the game modes, you can either follow the “three strikes” method or the traditional method. In the three strikes method, between the Big Wheel and the Constant’s Row, you only have three losses, whereas in the traditional method you can get through everything in one chance.

The “Party” mode on the other hand enables you to play with your friend and challenge them. This mode allows you to challenge up to 4 players. The Price is Right iPhone application further features excellent theme music, powerful game sound and exciting announcer audio, which creates a real show-like experience for the players.

With The Price is Right application, you can play the popular game from anywhere at anytime on your iPhone. So, install the application now and start guessing prices and win fabulous prizes.

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The Remote iPhone application

The Remote iPhone application converts your iPhone into a remote control, with which you can control the music playing on your Apple TV or in the iTunes on your computer. This unique and awesome application is very popular among iPhone users. According to Apple Inc.’s top application listing, the iPhone Remote application is on of the best entertainment application ever created for the device.

Launched in June 2008, the application instantly became one of the top 10 free applications available in the iPhone Application Store. The iPhone Remote application is not only exciting, but is extremely useful as well. Apples iPhone application developers have created this application to make full utilization of the hi-end technology of the device. The portable touch screen immediately transfers itself into an extremely powerful and sensitive remote control as soon as you run the application.

Awesome Features of Remote Application

At the time of installing the application on to your iPhone, you need to go through a procedure, which helps you to pair the iPhone with your Apple TV or iTunes. This whole procedure is a onetime job. Once you have made the specifications, you can use your iPhone as a remote whenever you need to.

The iPhone remote works exactly like any other remote controls. The application supports actions like play, pause, shuffle, skip and many more. With this outstanding application you can not only control the music playing on your iTunes Store or Apple TV, but you can also view the album art work, edit iTunes play list, create and even update Generous play lists and do a lot of other stuffs.

The most notable and unique feature of the Remote application is the Search option. By tapping few letters on you iPhone remote, you can actually get a list of contents from your iTunes Library including the name of the artists, name of the track, which movie it is from etc. The Shuffle mode helps you to locate and play your favorite song from the huge stock of music you have in your Apple TV. With this application you can also control and adjust the speakers of your Air Tunes.

With this outstanding Remote application installed in your iPhone, you can now enjoy all the benefits of wireless remote controlling from your iPhone itself.

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The Night Stand iPhone application

The Night Stand iPhone application, since its launch has earned a lot of appreciation from worldwide iPhone users. Lately, the application has been getting a lot of attention from users and is considered to be one of the top utility applications on iPhone. The Night Stand application displays a gorgeous glowing digital clock that works as good as any other digital clock, if not better. This simple yet effective iPhone application is known to be best of its own kind.

The Night Stand free application not only turns your iPhone into the finest glowing digital clock, but offers several other utilities as well. The iPhone application developer, Piotre Gajos is an Apple Design Award winner, who has designed the Night Stand application exclusively for the iPhone to utilize the built-in technologies of the device.

Unique Features

The Night Stand application on the iPhone offers several special features that make the application stand apart from the rest. This native utility application is featured in your iPhone’s Setting. You can run this application directly from the iPhone Settings option. You can change and customize your clock setting according to your wish. You can adjust and The Night Stand provides a series of possible changes that you can make on this application. The digital clock is very bright and easily visible in the dark and from a distance.

The best part of the application is that it’s extremely reactive to the touch technology of your iPhone. The application automatically adjusts the image when you turn the device on its side. You can also change the color of the number displays according to your personal choice. The application allows you to set the clock in different ways; you can set the clock to show seconds, days etc. You can set it either as a 24 hr clock or can set it as the 12 hr repeat time table.

One of the best features of the Night Stand application is that it supports simultaneous mp3 playback. The application further provides an option, with the help of which you can disable the screen auto lock. It helps you to view your clock without getting interrupted by the screen lock.

So, with the unique Night Stand utility application, you can now see the time and at the same time listen to a soft and soothing music and eventually fall asleep.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The SimCity iPhone application

With the SimCity iPhone application you can now build up your own dream city on your iPhone. This unique strategy game has been developed exclusively for the iPhone and fully utilizes the multi-touch technology of the device. The SimCity application gives you the finest opportunity to setup an entire virtual city on your iPhone. It is probably one of the most addicting games featured in the App Store. This awesome SimCity iPhone application can keep you engaged for hours and hours.

With this unique and outstanding gaming application you can do things that you had never dreamt of doing on your iPhone. You can roam around the lush cityscape by making simple flicking movements with your finger. You can plan, build and manage your dream metropolis by doing simple finger movements like tap, touch, drag and flick. According to Apple, SimCity is one of the best paid applications in the App Store, which has been appreciated by worldwide iPhone users.

SimCity Features: Simply Amazing!

• The SimCity application allows you to create and built a city of your own choice. The application features 8 tool categories, which help you to plan, build, zone, bulldoze and overall mange your virtual city.

• You can control and play the game by touching, tapping, flicking and dragging. To view around the map you simply need to touch the screen and drag. By making simple pinching movements with your index finger and thumb, you can zoom in and zoom out from your cityscape.

• The application features three difficulty game modes along with the tutorial and the starter cities. These difficulties make SimCity more challenging and enjoyable.

• The SimCity application allows you to make corrections and reposition roads, houses or even change length and width of the entire zone very easily.

• The application further features roadway and railway public as well as private transportation. You can position them according to your plan and wish.

• The gaming application has been developed in a very realistic manner. In this game you have to actually make a budget before you start investing the money you have on your game account. It is a game that needs to be played very strategically.

• Power, Water, recycling and Garbage are some of the features of the public works management system of the SimCity iPhone game.

• You can also test the stability and the strength of the city infrastructure by implementing various natural calamities and disasters like Earthquake, Fires, Tornados, Toxic Clouds as well as UFO attacks.

The outstanding SimCity application is a lot more than just a strategic game. At the beginning, the game seems to be very complicated and difficult to play. But as you start planning your budget, visualize the city infrastructure and lay the first block, you will find SimCity to be one of the most addicting games that you have ever played on your iPhone.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Urbanspoon application

Are you confused or fussy about choosing a restaurant? Or are you sick of going to same restaurants over again and again? Stop worrying! The Urbanspoon iPhone application has a solution for all these problems. With the Urbanspoon application on your iPhone, you can locate and gather all information about any restaurants situated in most of the North American cities and in cities like London, Sydney and Melbourne. The unique and fascinating application allows you to browse through thousands of restaurants and locate the exact restaurant where you want to take your family or friends for lunch or dinner.

About the application

The Urbanspoon application is probably one of the most popular downloads in the App Store. This free iPhone application is featured in iTune Store and can be easily launched into iPhone and iPhone 3G. The application offers extremely easy user interface. Application developers have designed Urbanspoon in a way that would fully utilize the touch technology and the built-in accelerometer of the device. You can select, navigate and browse through the application with a simple touch of your finger or by shaking the device. The Urbanspoon application uses the GPS to locate your local restaurants and give you a list of the ones that are most popular on Urbanspoon.

How it Works

The Urbanspoon application is unique in every sense. It offers a wide variety of features that optimizes your search to a lot extent. After you login to the application, it provides you a long list of cities, from where you can specify your desired location. You can either choose your location from the list or can type in the location and search. The Urbanspoon application displays the search result as soon as you select your location. It provides a list of neighborhood, types of cuisine and price range. To get the final result, you need to specify all these three sections and then shake the device, holding it tight in your palm. As you do so, the dials on the Urbanspoon’s slot machine spin around for several times and give you the name of a suggested restaurant. Incase you are not satisfied with the name; you can always shake the device and wait for a fresh result.

The Urbanspoon application provides you with detail information about the restaurant including its address, contact number, the types of cuisine they serve, the restaurant ranking etc. You can also view newspaper reviews and review from bloggers and even post you own comments. The new and upgraded version of the Urbanspoon application covers all the cities and towns across the US and Canada.

So, get the awesome Urbanspoon application installed onto your iPhone and get the ultimate experience of gastronomical delight!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Chopper application on iPhone

The exciting Chopper game is now available on your iPhone! With the Chopper iPhone application you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of the classic Choplifter game on your iPhone. The game has been completely redesigned to run on this unique device. Featured in the iTune App Store, Chopper is one of the 10 top paid iPhone gaming applications. This amazing helicopter game is extremely addictive and keeps you engaged until you accomplish your mission.

The Chopper application takes full advantage of the accelerometer and the 3D hardware of the iPhone. The controls of the game are extremely interactive and easy to learn. According to some of the users, the controls of the iPhone version of Chopper are even better than its Mac OS X version.

The Game and its Features

The iPhone Chopper application is an action-packed game that includes a lot of excitement and tension. The main objective of the game is to fly your chopper and rescue hostages held up by the enemies. In this course, you also need to save yourself from getting fired by the bazooka soldiers, tankers, jets and avoid other enemy attacks. The chopper or the helicopter is equipped and armed with one machine gun, missiles and bombs. You can kill and destroy your enemies with the help of these ammunitions. Your mission is to rescue the hostages and return to the base safely.

The Chopper application offers 20 levels to play in each of the 4 difficulties. Each of the level is unique in its own way. The game becomes more and more difficult and challenging as you reach higher levels. The game control is extremely easy and effortless. To control and fly your chopper, all you got to do is tilt your iPhone in the direction you desire to move. By touching the screen with your finger, you can fire your machine gun or throw bombs at your enemies.

Clear graphical displays and the powerful sound effects make the Chopper iPhone application more thrilling and enjoyable. The new and upgraded version of the application feature more advanced sound effects, which makes the game more realistic. The new application is more improved and advanced, in terms of performances and quality. Bug fixes have also been incorporated into the application, so that you can play the game without any disruption.

The awesome Chopper application automatically saves your game as you exit. The game also features a save slot and an auto-save system. These systems support saving your game automatically after you complete each level.

With this exclusive slide-scrolling action-packed application, you can now enjoy the excitement of playing Chopper, one of the finest helicopter games, right on your iPhone.

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The Movies application on iPhone

So, didn’t get time to check out the movies that are running in your local theatres? Don’t know the show times? Worried about getting the tickets? Relax! With the iPhone now in your pocket, you can get all these information and more with simple taps and flicks. The outstanding Movies application on the iPhone gives all detailed information about the movies that are currently running on your local movie halls.

This amazing iPhone application is available for $0.99. You can get the application launched onto your iPhone directly from the App Store. The Movies application is very easy to use and is extremely convenient for iPhone users, especially for working people and also for aged people. According to Apple Inc., Movies is one of the top 10 downloaded news applications available in the App Store.

Outstanding Features

The Movies iPhone application offers features that you would find extremely useful for getting movie related information.

The most helpful and attractive feature of the application is that it provides high quality trailers as well as video clips for more than 10,000 movies. You can checkout the trailers and decide which movie you want to see or simply entertain yourself by browsing through the clips. This awesome feature eases your movie search to a lot extent.

The Movies application provides the top box office list of current movies as well as the list of upcoming movies. With this feature, you can now plan and book your movie tickets in advance for the week ahead.

You can view detail information about the show times of movies running in your locality.

Once you select a movie the application displays information about its cast and director, detail description, its duration, reviews as well as ratings.

With this application you can get Maps to your local theatres and can order and purchase tickets online. The application connects you to several external ticket sites from where you can purchase your movie tickets.

The Movie application also features DVD catalog for more than 50,000 movies.

More Amazing Features

The new and upgraded version of the Movies application on iPhone offers several other useful features. The application is now available with a built in browser, which further simplifies your movie search. You can set a list of your favorite theatres and view the show time details of those theatres. The location detection of the new version is much more powerful and provides accurate results. You can also view the theatre map directly from the application itself.

With this awesome Movies iPhone application, you can now take your family to the newest and hottest movies or simply chill out and watch movies with your friends, anytime.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Air Hockey application on iphone

The Air Hockey iPhone application is simply awesome! It is the only air hockey game that allows you to play with 2 pucks at the same time. The Acceleroto Air Hockey application is one of the best selling games on iPhone and is popular among iPhone holders of all age group. This amazing application is the exact replica of the original air hockey sport.

The Air Hockey iPhone application is one of the top 10 downloaded paid applications declared by Apple Inc. in 2008. You can launch the application onto your iPhone from the iTunes App Store. iPhone developers have designed this application in a way that would fully utilize the multi-touch technology of the device. The application allows you to control your mallet with simple finger touch. The iPhone Air Hockey game may seem to be a bit difficult to understand and master for a novice in the beginning, but any user would simply get addicted to the game once they learn the tricks. And for the air hockey masters, the Acceleroto Air Hockey offers unlimited satisfaction.

Features of the Air Hockey Application

The application features both 1 and 2 player options. If you want to play on your own, then you can select the 1 player option and play with the device as your opponent. The 2 player option will enable you to play with your friend on the same screen. The 1 player option features three modes; Easy, Hard and Expert.

You can control your perfectly designed mallets with extreme ease and comfort. The puck has tremendous power and speed across the table as you play.

The powerful sound effect of the application adds to the fun and excitement of the game. The sound of the cheering crowd, the smacking noise of the puck and other actions makes you play even better.

You can also put off the sound effect and listen to music of your choice while playing Air Hockey on your iPhone.

You can enable the “Tilt” detection of the device by activating the Gravity setting. With this option on you can control the motion of your puck by tilting your iPhone.

The upgraded version of the application offers special features. The new version allows you to resume a game from exactly where you left. The added action on the Pause/Setup button makes the table color change every time you start a new game.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the upgraded version of Air Hockey application downloaded on your iPhone and challenge your friend.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Touchgrind application on iPhone

Enjoy skateboarding on your iPhone with Touchgrind, the first true multi-touch iPhone game! With this awesome iPhone application you can experience the fun and excitement of the real skateboarding sport. According to most iPhone application developers, Touchgrind is the first iPhone game that utilizes the multi-touch technology of the device in true sense. The developers of Touchgrind have built the application on a 3D physics engine in order to make it interactive and more realistic.

Released in November 21, 2008 by Illusion Labs, the Touchgrind application has already become one of the most popular gaming iPhone applications throughout the world. It is also listed under the top 10 list of applications featured in the Apple Inc.’s official website. Touchgrind is available in the App Store under the paid Games category. You can buy the application from the Store and directly launch it on your iPhone.

Touchgrind Features: Simply Awesome!

The Touchgrind application truly utilizes the multi-touch interface of the iPhone. You can play and control the game simply by placing your two fingers on the iPhone screen. The application provides a top-down view of game screen, which helps you to take full control on your skateboard. All you need to do is make your way through the obstacles and reach the finishing line.

The highly innovative multi-touch controls and accurate physics simulation of Touchgrind allow you to do all the skateboarding tricks that you can ever think of with simple flicks and twists of your finger. You can do tricks like kickflips, heelflips, shuvits, ollies, 5-0, 50-50, impossibles, tailslides, crooks, boardslides, darkslides and smithgrinds and many more. The dynamic control gives you every chance to create your own moves and tricks.

The Touchgrind application features 12 unlockable skateboards. Each of skateboards is equipped with individual abilities. Touchgrind offers three game modes; Warm Up, Jam Session and Competition. You can choose and specify your game mode before starting. The outstanding 3D graphics and the realistic sound effects add to the thrill and excitement of the game.

The application further features a special Tutorial Video that helps any first-time skater to play the game with ease and comfort. The tutorial video provides a fine demonstration of the game and how to control it. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to understand the techniques and moves, but you can improve your skills only by playing the game over and over again.

So, if you really want to entertain yourself while you are in a boring conference or meeting or official dinners simply run the Touchgrind application on your iPhone and enjoy fingerskating! Master all the flicks and tricks of skateboarding and impress your buddies with your iPhone Touchgrind application.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The iChalky Technology

iChalky is one of the fun filled applications developed specially for the iPhones. The funny little stick figure fully entertains the user by moving, bending, twisting and bouncing according to his or her will and wish. The iChalky application is available in the iPhone App Store and ranks third in the top 10 list of most downloaded paid Entertainment iPhone applications, announced by the Apple Inc in 2008.

What is iChalky?

Chalky is the funny character featured in this application. By using the built-in accelerometer and the touch screen technology of the iPhone, the application allows you to manipulate the figure. You can make him walk, fall down, stretch hands and legs, jump into the air and do different other actions. All of this can be done by turning your iPhone to the sides or by touching and stretching the anchor points. One of the funniest thing Chalky does is, dance. The extremely advanced iChalky iPhone application makes the comic figure to respond to the music beats that reach the device through the built-in iPhone microphone.

By turning the device from side to side, you can make Chalky walk around your screen following the four corners. He will keep on walking until you stop turning your phone. You can make him bend or stretch from any of the axis points by touching the point with your finger and dragging it. You can also grab him and throw him into the air by making simple finger movements. With the help of the multi-touch technology of the iPhone, you can grab the figure at five different axis points and stretch all your fingers in different directions. This creates an extremely funny situation, as the figure gets stretched and twisted in all opposite directions. The figure then bounces back to its normal state as soon as it is released.

The iChalky Technology

The figure of Chalky is made up of 8 set of masses that are interconnected with a series of thin spring-like lines that has various coefficients. The movements and gestures of Chalky are not predefined or pre-choreographed. The application transfers the data of gravity and instantaneous acceleration from your iPhone accelerometers X and Y into the world of this virtual character. Another technology that has been implemented into the application is Friction. It has been added to the edges of the frame of the figure in order to give him a fare chance to maintain balance.

So, if you simply want to have fun with your iPhone, then go to the App Store and download this funny little character into your iPhone. With this unique iChalky application on your iPhone, you can now take a break from your work just to laugh and have fun.

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Features and Facilities of the iPhone Google Earth Application

With the awesome iPhone Google Earth application your dream of carrying the Earth in your pocket will finally come true. Swipe your finger across your iPhone touch screen and get the most amazing birds eye view of the entire world. The Google Earth application is available in iPhone iTunes Store across 20 countries in 18 different languages. This free iPhone version of Google Earth works exactly in the same manner as the desktop version.
Features and Facilities of the iPhone Google Earth Application –

The application provides high resolution 3D aerial view image of any place across the world. With the Google Earth application now available in the App Store, you can enjoy all the facilities that the desktop version of the program provides. Following are some of the facilities offered in this application

• The Google Earth tool displays maps, images, terrains as well as night skies.
• With the Google Earth application you can access the Panoramio layer, from where you can browse through the millions of geo-located images from across the globe.
• The ‘Location’ feature of the Google Earth application allows you to fly across the location that you are currently in.
• The application also provides you the facility of viewing all Wikipedia articles related to geo-location.
• The best feature of the Google Earth iPhone application is that you get direct access to Google Local Search, which simplifies your searching to a great extent.

The iPhone application takes full advantage of the touch screen interface, accelerometer, and the built-in location sensor of the device. You can navigate through the application by making simple finger gestures. To pan an image, all you need to do is place your finger on the screen and drag. With the typical pinching motion, you can zoom in or zoom out.

This fascinating application allows you to take a full 360 view of the map. By making circular movement with your finger, you can take a perspective view of the location behind you. To view a map of any mountainous terrain you can adjust your view by tilting the iPhone. The application also utilizes the built-in location sensor technology of the iPhone that uses WiFi, GPS or the cell tower triangulation to determine your current location.

With this outstanding iPhone application, you can now fly over different locations in different countries and take a view of the terrain from various altitudes and angles. So, don’t waste time! Install the Google Earth application on your iPhone and enjoy the pleasure of world touring without spending a penny.

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Exciting Features of Cro-Mag Rally

Having the exciting Cro-Mag Rally application on your iPhone is a must for all you wild racing game lovers. It is one of the coolest and wildest racing games available in the iPhone App Store. With powerful graphic and exciting animation Cro-Mag Rally is considered to be one of the top 10 downloaded iPhone applications. Based on primitive age themes, the Cro-Mag Rally iPhone application promises unlimited fun and excitement to all users.

This thrilling 3D racing game is a paid application that you can directly download on to your iPhone from the iTunes. The Cro-Mag Rally application fully utilizes the built-in accelerometer technology of the iPhone, to control the steering wheel. The device itself acts as the steering wheel while you play the game. You can control the steering by tilting the device left, right or frontward. This extremely easy and convenient user interface makes Cro-Mag Rally more enjoyable and interesting.

Exciting Features of Cro-Mag Rally

The Cro-Mag Rally application features nicely animated cavemen, dinosaurs, primitive cars and primitive weapons. Through this iPhone application, you get a unique chance to explore the primitive world, which includes all the three Ages; Stone, Bronze and Iron. The Cro-Mag Rally iPhone racing game features 9 different racing tracks. Each of these race tracks are featured in different locations including ancient Egypt, desert, jungle and even underwater locations.

The application further features 11 different types of vehicles, which includes Bone Buggy, Geode Cruiser, Trojan Horse, Logmobile and so on. You can use any of the 9 types of power-ups that are featured in the application. The Cro-Mag Rally application also features a wide range of primitive weaponries that ranges from Chinese Bottle Rockets to Bone Bombs.

In the Cro-Mag Rally game, the player is featured as Brog, a caveman who ever hungry for speed. The main objective of the game is to speed the vehicle through the different tracks and reach the final destination in time, avoiding all the hazards and other series of courses. On your way, you can pick up power ups like oil sticks, bones and extra tractions for the tires, which you can use against your opponents.

With the Cro-Mag Rally application on your iPhone, you can experience the ultimate excitement and fun of playing racing games.

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