Thursday, December 18, 2008

The iChalky Technology

iChalky is one of the fun filled applications developed specially for the iPhones. The funny little stick figure fully entertains the user by moving, bending, twisting and bouncing according to his or her will and wish. The iChalky application is available in the iPhone App Store and ranks third in the top 10 list of most downloaded paid Entertainment iPhone applications, announced by the Apple Inc in 2008.

What is iChalky?

Chalky is the funny character featured in this application. By using the built-in accelerometer and the touch screen technology of the iPhone, the application allows you to manipulate the figure. You can make him walk, fall down, stretch hands and legs, jump into the air and do different other actions. All of this can be done by turning your iPhone to the sides or by touching and stretching the anchor points. One of the funniest thing Chalky does is, dance. The extremely advanced iChalky iPhone application makes the comic figure to respond to the music beats that reach the device through the built-in iPhone microphone.

By turning the device from side to side, you can make Chalky walk around your screen following the four corners. He will keep on walking until you stop turning your phone. You can make him bend or stretch from any of the axis points by touching the point with your finger and dragging it. You can also grab him and throw him into the air by making simple finger movements. With the help of the multi-touch technology of the iPhone, you can grab the figure at five different axis points and stretch all your fingers in different directions. This creates an extremely funny situation, as the figure gets stretched and twisted in all opposite directions. The figure then bounces back to its normal state as soon as it is released.

The iChalky Technology

The figure of Chalky is made up of 8 set of masses that are interconnected with a series of thin spring-like lines that has various coefficients. The movements and gestures of Chalky are not predefined or pre-choreographed. The application transfers the data of gravity and instantaneous acceleration from your iPhone accelerometers X and Y into the world of this virtual character. Another technology that has been implemented into the application is Friction. It has been added to the edges of the frame of the figure in order to give him a fare chance to maintain balance.

So, if you simply want to have fun with your iPhone, then go to the App Store and download this funny little character into your iPhone. With this unique iChalky application on your iPhone, you can now take a break from your work just to laugh and have fun.

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