Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exciting Features of Cro-Mag Rally

Having the exciting Cro-Mag Rally application on your iPhone is a must for all you wild racing game lovers. It is one of the coolest and wildest racing games available in the iPhone App Store. With powerful graphic and exciting animation Cro-Mag Rally is considered to be one of the top 10 downloaded iPhone applications. Based on primitive age themes, the Cro-Mag Rally iPhone application promises unlimited fun and excitement to all users.

This thrilling 3D racing game is a paid application that you can directly download on to your iPhone from the iTunes. The Cro-Mag Rally application fully utilizes the built-in accelerometer technology of the iPhone, to control the steering wheel. The device itself acts as the steering wheel while you play the game. You can control the steering by tilting the device left, right or frontward. This extremely easy and convenient user interface makes Cro-Mag Rally more enjoyable and interesting.

Exciting Features of Cro-Mag Rally

The Cro-Mag Rally application features nicely animated cavemen, dinosaurs, primitive cars and primitive weapons. Through this iPhone application, you get a unique chance to explore the primitive world, which includes all the three Ages; Stone, Bronze and Iron. The Cro-Mag Rally iPhone racing game features 9 different racing tracks. Each of these race tracks are featured in different locations including ancient Egypt, desert, jungle and even underwater locations.

The application further features 11 different types of vehicles, which includes Bone Buggy, Geode Cruiser, Trojan Horse, Logmobile and so on. You can use any of the 9 types of power-ups that are featured in the application. The Cro-Mag Rally application also features a wide range of primitive weaponries that ranges from Chinese Bottle Rockets to Bone Bombs.

In the Cro-Mag Rally game, the player is featured as Brog, a caveman who ever hungry for speed. The main objective of the game is to speed the vehicle through the different tracks and reach the final destination in time, avoiding all the hazards and other series of courses. On your way, you can pick up power ups like oil sticks, bones and extra tractions for the tires, which you can use against your opponents.

With the Cro-Mag Rally application on your iPhone, you can experience the ultimate excitement and fun of playing racing games.

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