Monday, December 22, 2008

The Chopper application on iPhone

The exciting Chopper game is now available on your iPhone! With the Chopper iPhone application you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of the classic Choplifter game on your iPhone. The game has been completely redesigned to run on this unique device. Featured in the iTune App Store, Chopper is one of the 10 top paid iPhone gaming applications. This amazing helicopter game is extremely addictive and keeps you engaged until you accomplish your mission.

The Chopper application takes full advantage of the accelerometer and the 3D hardware of the iPhone. The controls of the game are extremely interactive and easy to learn. According to some of the users, the controls of the iPhone version of Chopper are even better than its Mac OS X version.

The Game and its Features

The iPhone Chopper application is an action-packed game that includes a lot of excitement and tension. The main objective of the game is to fly your chopper and rescue hostages held up by the enemies. In this course, you also need to save yourself from getting fired by the bazooka soldiers, tankers, jets and avoid other enemy attacks. The chopper or the helicopter is equipped and armed with one machine gun, missiles and bombs. You can kill and destroy your enemies with the help of these ammunitions. Your mission is to rescue the hostages and return to the base safely.

The Chopper application offers 20 levels to play in each of the 4 difficulties. Each of the level is unique in its own way. The game becomes more and more difficult and challenging as you reach higher levels. The game control is extremely easy and effortless. To control and fly your chopper, all you got to do is tilt your iPhone in the direction you desire to move. By touching the screen with your finger, you can fire your machine gun or throw bombs at your enemies.

Clear graphical displays and the powerful sound effects make the Chopper iPhone application more thrilling and enjoyable. The new and upgraded version of the application feature more advanced sound effects, which makes the game more realistic. The new application is more improved and advanced, in terms of performances and quality. Bug fixes have also been incorporated into the application, so that you can play the game without any disruption.

The awesome Chopper application automatically saves your game as you exit. The game also features a save slot and an auto-save system. These systems support saving your game automatically after you complete each level.

With this exclusive slide-scrolling action-packed application, you can now enjoy the excitement of playing Chopper, one of the finest helicopter games, right on your iPhone.

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