Tuesday, April 28, 2009

App Store Completes 1 Billion Downloads: A Success worth Trumpeting

It is time for the Apple’s executives to blow the trumpet and celebrate their success. On the 23rd of this month, in late afternoon the App Store hit a billion downloads and set a milestone in the platform of mobile phone. It is indeed amazing and overwhelming to see the store get so many downloads in just 9 months and 12 days. In his Wednesday’s quarterly conference call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer declared the news and said “We are within hours of reaching our 1 billionth download. It's an astounding number given the short nine-month history of the App Store.” Well, not within few hours but by the next day the App Store surely hit the sky.

Well, it is quite obvious that one of the major factors that has been feeding this growth and in turn has been growing for it is the size of the install base of the App Store, which has been estimated by COO Tim Cook to be an unbelievable figure of 37 million. This fact also puts light on the number of iPhone and iPod Touch on circulation across the globe. According to Apple over the past 7 quarters, 21.17 million iPhones and nearly 15.80 million iPod Touches have been sold.

However, the most important factor behind this huge success is the quality and of course the quantity of the applications in the App Store, which according to Apple is more than 35,000 and according to 148Apps, which by the way keeps their independent count is 37,462. Without any doubts, every single iPhone developer finds the platform to be ideal for displaying their creative applications. A huge installed base, an extremely comfortable environment for development and a smooth payment system are the basic factors that make the store so popular among the developers.

But the question is will this breakneck growth continue for long? Even though the rate of new applications being added to the store has slowed down, the rate of downloads still remains very high and increases by day. The fever chart below perfectly displays the growth.

However, this entire scenario can change over the coming quarter with the release of the new SDK (Software Development Kit) and the iPhone OS 3.0. Well, and if the rumors are true, then Apple has a new family of App Store enable portable devices under development, which will surely accelerate the flow of new and more powerful apps.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Top Three Thesaurus Apps on iPhone: Your Guide to Good English

Most people who are associated with the academic field, especially the students are quite used to the convenience of thesaurus. Using it you can actually make a very simple sentence sound much more serious and important. But what if, you are on the move and need to write a piece on some serious issue, which requires good language? Well, there is a solution for this too. All you need is an iPhone. By including some very convenient thesaurus apps in the App Store, Apple has made it easier for iPhone users. With a thesaurus app installed on the device, you don’t need to worry about your writing skills anymore!

There are quite a few apps that offer this essential writing tool on the iPhone platform. However, take a quick glance at the three most popular iPhone thesaurus apps and choose the one you want on your iPhone.

Oxford Thesaurus of English

Oxford Thesaurus of English



Price: $24.99

Seller: Handmark, Inc © 2009 Handmark, Inc

Considering the almost double price of the print edition of the Oxford dictionaries, the price of its iPhone version, which is $24.99, does not seem much to the users. Oxford dictionaries are gold mines for English language reference. Handmark’s Oxford Thesaurus of English is the best English thesaurus application on iPhone. It offers 100% accuracy, includes examples and usage notes. The iPhone developer had very clever added some special features to the app, which makes it even better. The terms that are listed in the entry are cross-linked and when tapped, the terms first get enlarged for a clearer view rather than jumping straight away to the entry.

To get the Oxford Thesaurus of English app, click on the following iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=306490447&mt=8

Dictionary.com – Dictionary & Thesaurus

Category: Reference

Price: Free

Seller: Dictionary.com © 2009 Dictionary.com, LLC.

This is yet another extremely popular and widely used English thesaurus app available in the iTunes Store. This app delivers top graded reference content from the Dictionary.com and the Thesaurus.com website without any Internet connection. The app includes more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms, which is more than enough to satisfy the users. In respect to features and user convenience, most users will agree to grade the Dictionary.com – Dictionary & Thesaurus app to be the best of its kind.

To find the app in the iTunes App Store click on the following link:



Price: $0.99

Seller: SearchQuest, Inc. © 2008 SearchQuest, Inc.

With so many users across the world, the Thesaurus (SearchQuest Inc.) application has undoubtedly become a well-known English thesaurus app available in the App Store. This application is simple, easy to use and worth $0.99. On this app, you will find a list of all possible English words categorized as synonyms, antonyms, related terms and similar terms. However to access this English thesaurus, you need to have an Internet or WiFi connection. Well, some people think that this app does not help users much, as there aren’t any notes or examples included. To decide the most appropriate term, you actually need to see an example or read some notes defining the meaning and usage of the word. Nevertheless, Thesaurus is successful in providing the basic synonym and antonym for English words.

To know more about this application, click on the iTunes link below:

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quickoffice ® Mobile Office Suite


Release Date: 18th April 2009

Seller: Quickoffice, Inc. © Quickoffice, Inc.

Price: $19.99

For almost every iPhone user, the release of the Quickoffice app was indeed a reason to celebrate. Well, this app has been in the mobile platform for almost a year now. But there were some limitation in it. However, the new upgraded iPhone version of the Quickoffice app promises to provide all the features that its previous version lacked. With this outstanding Business application you can view, edit and create any Office document even when you are on the move. Once you start using the app and get to know all its outstanding features, you will surely find it worth $19.99.

The Quickoffice ® Mobile Office Suite app comprises three application in one powerful package; Quicksheet, Quickword and Quikoffice Files. The best part of Quickoffice is that you can actually buy each of these apps separately according to your requirement. The Quicksheet, which is an advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor, offers simple yet extremely useful features. And you can use these features by three simple finger movements; tap, hold and slide.

Quickword, as the name suggests is the advanced Word Document Processing app that supports all the features and facilities of MS Word. You can create, edit and view all Word documents on your iPhone with this app. The Quickoffice Files app on the other hand supports Email, Wifi, Remote Access and File Management. With this app, you can access your MobileMe iDisk account, transfer files from Mac or PC to your device over the Wifi connection, easily organize the files and folders on your iPhone and do a lot of other things as well.

However, with so many advantages and possibilities the new version of Quickoffice iPhone app looks extremely promising and useful.

To know more about the Quickoffice ® Mobile Office Suite iPhone app click on the iTunes App Store link below:

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Get a Glimpse of the Top 10 Awesome iPhone Apps – 2008

The iPhone is a marvel in itself. However, it is the unparalleled App Store that has made the device revolutionary in the true sense. The platform has given chances to thousands of individual developers to display there skills by creating amazingly innovative applications for the device. Within this short period of time, the App Store has surprised iPhone users by offering more than 10,000 unique pieces of software.

However, in this article you will find a list of top 10 application that deserve appreciation from users as well as individual iPhone developer for their quality, innovation and of course for their groundbreaking achievements. From musical instruments to fitness programs and from games to mapping software – these applications have indeed won the hearts of million iPhone users across the world.

Google Earth


Price: Free

Google with their Google Earth iPhone app has been successful in delivering the world your pocket, virtually. With this amazing app you can view the high resolution satellite imagery of the world in a 3D globe. The Google Earth app truly exploits the power of the device. The application is available in 18 different languages across 20 countries. With a simple touch on your iPhone screen, get a magnificent bird’s eye view of any part of the world.



Category: Games

Price: $2.99

Trism is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and addictive games in the App Store. Its huge popularity has earned developer Steve Demeter $250,000 within two months of its release. It is in fact an amazing game that can keep you glued to your iPhone for hours. Trism offers an easy game control. You can move about the puzzle pieces by titling the device using the accelerometer. However, you can never measure its fun and excitement unless you play it yourself. So, if you still don’t have this app on your iPhone, tap on your iPhone screen and buy Trism Now!

To get this application click on the iTunes link below:


ategory: Music

Price: Free

Pandora offers the coolest way to listen to your favorite music from your iPhone. This free iPhone app is basically your personalized radio, where you can listen to music of your own choice. Specify the name of one of your favorite artiste, composer or songs and Pandora will please you by creating a radio station dedicated to their music and other similar music.

To get the application click on the iTunes link below:


Category: Music

Price: $0.99

As the hottest and the most sought after music application in the App Store Ocarina streams its way to the top app list of Apple. The app perfectly utilizes the touch-screen technology of the device and transforms it into a flute, which you can actually play. Blow into the iPhone mic and get the most melodious sound of ocarina. Play around the virtual holes on the screen and bring out the creative artiste in you.

Find the Ocarina application in the following iTunes link:

Tap Tap Revenge

Category: Games

Price: Free

Tap Tap Revenge, the extremely popular rhythm game on iPhone was originally developed after the Guitar hero. This unique rhythm game offers unlimited fun and enjoyment to the users. Tap your fingers on the blinking lights on your iPhone screen to catch the tune playing in the backdrop. Play with a friend, tap with the rhythm and win the game by scoring high. The developers have introduced an upgraded version known as Tap Tap Revenge 2 in the iTunes Store.

To get this application on iTunes click on the following link:


ategory: Music


It happens every now and then when we come across a song or a tune that we find extremely catchy, but cannot find it later as we surely forget its lyrics or singer or even the tune. Well, with the Shazam app there is no need to worry. This awesome iPhone Music app will help you to find detail information about the song or the tune you heard in the shop or at the bar. Run the app and hold your iPhone speaker to the source of the music; the app will immediately identify it and display information like the name of the album, artiste and the title of the song.

Find the app at the following iTunes link:

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ConvertBot: The Sleekest Conversion App in the App Store


Category: Utilities

Price: $0.99

After the huge success of WeightBot, people have been looking forward to the release of Tapbot’s new application ConvertBot with much expectation. And to everybody’s satisfaction, developers have been successful in fulfilling all expectations of the users. With its smooth animation and powerful sound, ConvertBot is probably the sleekest conversion apps available on the iPhone platform. This Utilities app offers innovative user interface, a very smart converter and ease-of-use that every user would find convenient and enjoyable.

However, it is the sleek interface that makes ConvertBot special and admirable. The application offers several new and advanced features as well. The wheel at the centre of the app screen can be rotated to set the type of conversion according to your requirement. The categories of the types of conversion include:

Area: Sq Meter, Sq Centimeter, Sq Millimeter, Acre, Sq Mile, Sq Yard, Sq Inches, Sq Kilometers etc.

Angle: Radian, Degree and Grade

Currency: Pound Sterling (UK), Euro, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc and many more.

Mass: Kilogram, Pound, Milligram, Ounce, Metric Ton, Gram etc.

Length: Meter, Foot, Inch, Mile, Centimeter, Yard, Millimeter etc.

Pressure: Centimeters of Mercury, Kilogram/Square Meter, Pound/Square Inch, Inches of Mercury, Atmospheres, Bars etc.

Power: Horsepower, Watt, Kilowatt, Foot-Pound/Second, BTU/Minute etc.

Speed: Kilometers/Hour, Kilometers/Minutes, Miles/Hour, Miles/Second, Miles/Minute etc.

Time: Seconds, Hour, Minutes, Year, Week, Day, Milliseconds, Microsecond etc.

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.

Volume: Cup, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Gallon, Cubit Feet etc.

Energy: Watt Hour, Kilogram Calorie, Foot Pound, Joule etc.

You can enjoy all these facilities and much more on the ConvertBot application.


Sleek interface

Powerful sound and smooth animation
A wide range of complex conversions


Takes long time to update currency information
The wheel does not roll smoothly
Uncommon currencies are unavailable

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Use the Top Green iPhone Apps and Make the World a Better Place to Live!

What more to say! Even the intelligentsias have started arguing whether technology can get greener than this. Yes, Apple has succeeded in including some amazing applications to the App Store that can actually help you to create and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With all these apps you can make your sophisticated iPhone adopt a greener attitude for the bigger cause of making the world a greener and better place to live.

Well, in this article, you will find the top 10 green iPhone application, which according to the users as well as individual iPhone developer are the best available in the App Store.

A Real Tree

This is probably one of the most interesting and worthwhile green iPhone apps. By purchasing this application you can actually make contribution for the reforestation of different countries across the world. Featured under the Entertainment category, A Real Tree is a true entertainer with a greater purpose. You can watch the virtual tree with its green leaves swaying in the winds or can simply blow the wind and watch the birds fly out of its branches and the beautiful flowers blossom. Overall, A Real Tree is an application that saves our planet in the true sense.

To get the A Real Tree app click on the following iTunes link:

The Green Lemur

For its well-organized valuable tips and details, The Green Lemur stands out from the rest of the green iPhone apps. This unique Lifestyle app offers a wide array of useful green tips, which you can actually put into practice to lead a better and greener lifestyle. On this app you will find the Tip of the Day, the Latest Tips and several other simple yet useful features. You can further browse for the best green tip using the search option.

To know more about the application click on the following link:

Carbon Tracker

This is however one of the most unique Lifestyle apps on iPhone. Carbon tracker is a Lifestyle app that helps users to track their carbon footprint from daily communication, vacations or business tours. Carbon Tracker is a GPS enabled application which further allows the users to fix a monthly goal for maximum emission and monitor the progress on a regular basis.

Find more about the Carbon Tracker App in the iTunes App Store link given below: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=301169871&mt=8


GreenMeter, another popular Lifestyle application is a perfect example of top iPhone green apps. By keeping a track on the characteristics of the usage of your car’s fuel and power, GreenMeter guides you in maximizing the efficiency. By making little changes in your driving habit, you can actually cut down your cost, consumption as well as carbon footprint.

Click on the iTunes link below to know more about the GreenMeter application: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=289973918&mt=8

3rdWhale Mobile

If you really want to get connected to the best green business located in your area, then the 3rdWhale Mobile is the ideal app for you. This location-based iPhone Lifestyle app offers 6 unique search categories. You can choose your mode of transport which includes car, bicycle or foot. You can further get find information on rates, read reviews and even get directions. The 3rdWhale Mobile app offers you the easiest and fastest way to know your surrounding.

Find more about the app in the following iTunes link:


Carcare is one of the other fuel efficiency apps available on the iPhone platform. This amazing Lifestyle application takes care of your car’s maintenance necessities and provides you with an easy to understand data. So, get the application installed on to your iPhone and keep a track on your car’s fuel efficiency and maintenance and help in making the environment pollution free.

Find more about this application in the iTunes link given below:

Get Green

Get your daily green tip on your iPhone with the Get Green application. Featured under the Reference category, Get Green offers the best eco-tips that you could ever think of. It is a simple yet useful date-based system that generates unique green tips for each day. The app further allows you to spread these green messages to your friends, family and colleagues through email.

Find more information on Get Green, click on the following iTunes link:

Good Guide

The Good Guide iPhone app is somewhat different from the rest of the green apps. Rather than providing green tips, the Good Guide actually help users to make greener decisions while they are on the move. The mobile version if the original Good Guide website recommends its users several natural green and sustainable products that they can use while traveling for the greater cause of supporting the environment.

To get the Good Guide app click on the following iTunes link:

Go Green

This unique green iPhone application will surely amuse every iPhone user by providing interesting statistics about different things that would help you to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle. This Lifestyle app will provide you data like; wash your cloths in cold water and eliminate 2 pounds of CO2 or a more complicated chemical deduction that might be hard for you to understand.

Find more about the Go Green app click on the iTunes link below:


Ecocal is a smart calendar that shows the condition of nature at a particular time of year. The developers have made an attempt to draw the user’s attention towards the ecosystem. Impressive illustration, cool facts about flora and fauna, information on the different phases of the moon, stars and life are the primary attraction of this unique Reference application.

Find more information about the application in the following iTunes link:

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Can Apple’s Rigidity Open Up the Door to Success for the Android?

Despite of the huge success and popularity of iPhone, lately there has been a great deal of controversy regarding Apple’s treatment towards the developers who intend to create applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch platform. From the very beginning, the company has consistently kept developers in the dark by providing very little information whenever they rejected any application. This strange and arrogant behavior of Apple has created annoyance in iPhone developer, who work day and night to get their applications approved by Apple, but simply get rejected.

Apple’s Restrictions on Third-party Developers

According to Apple, most third party developers have failed to meet their expectation as far as creating unique, innovative and iPhone compatible applications is concerned. But, what the company doesn’t realize is that this agitation can be harmful for their reputation. However, we can never deny that Apple has every right to stop any application to get into the App Store if they consider it to be inappropriate or undesired. But, on the other hand it is their job to explain the reason behind rejection of an application to its developer.

Most people who were attached with the iPhone world from the beginning would remember that Apple had announced that the first generation iPhone will support any third-party application. But it was almost a year before they actually allowed third-party apps to get into the store. When Apple made some notable removals from the store, developers started to make complains about the company’s restrictions to be excessive and difficult to handle.

Since then Apple has been quite stubborn on the requirements of an app to get entry into the App Store. But, nevertheless, the company has always given very poor reasons for its rejection. To the much astonishment of the developers, the application rejection letters are now being covered under the non disclosure agreement of the company, which means once rejected, an application will never get the chance to gain admission to the store.

An Alternative

Well, with the Android finally being ready to get launched in T-Mobile’s G1, the disappointed developers stand a high chance in getting their applications finally on to the mobile platform. Android is an open platform, where there will be no restriction for third-party developers to present their applications. Google and the rest of the partners will be much liberal and promises not to waste their time trying to stop developers from producing apps for the Android platform.

However, there are certain challenges developers might face while creating apps for the Android mobile. The main reason behind it is the phone’s inconsistent hardware; some of the Android phones will have touch-screens while the others will not support the technology. This will make developing applications for the platform rather difficult for developers as they would have to deal with a wide array of hardware. But, for the iPhone or iPod Touch app developers, creating and presenting apps for the touch-screen Android phones will not be a problem at all.

It can be assumed that shifting the developer’s focus from the iPhone to the Android phone might alarm Steve Jobs and the Company of loosing their market. But, again Apple has always been so big and powerful that none of this can ever leave a mark on them. However, if Apple considers its flaws in giving the right explanation for their rejections and do the needful, then it would certainly help developers to remain loyal to inventor of the smart phone.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flight Control iPhone App: Get a Full Control over the Aircrafts

Category: Games

Release Date: 26th Feb 2009

Seller: ndWare Pty Ltd © 2009 Firemint

Price: $0.99

Over the past few days several amazing apps had been launched in the App Store all over the world. However, some made it to the top list instantly while the others did not receive much appreciation from the users. The Flight Control iPhone app is undoubtedly one of the apps that were instant hits as soon as they were out in the store. This simple yet extremely stylish game that not only keeps you entertained but offers unlimited excitement and fun.

What’s the Game about?

With this amazing gaming application Firemint, the developers give you the finest opportunity to experience the world’s most stressful job as an air traffic controller. Well, the gaming experience is however, much more relaxing and enjoyable. As a natural and a prodigy, your goal is to control air traffic of the busy airport and help the planes to land and take off on and from the runway accurately. The more aircrafts you control successfully, the more points you will add to your total score.

The Simple yet Attractive Features

This incredibly simple yet amazingly engaging application will give you huge satisfaction and enjoyment even on one of your bad working days. Developers have used beautiful graphics and amazing animation to make the app more appealing to the users. Fight Control features 4 unique aircrafts, which includes helicopters as well. As you play the game, you can either enjoy the default in-game sound or can simply play any of your favorite songs or music from iTunes.

So, if you really want to see yourself as the commanding flight controller of the busy LA’s airspace, then tap your iPhone screen, go to the iTunes App Store and get the Flight Control app downloaded on to your device NOW!

It is the dream of every iPhone developer to watch their applications get accepted by the App Store and appreciated by the users. Well, to achieve it, all you need is passion and innovation.

To find more about this crazy game click on the iTunes App Store link bellow:

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