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Use the Top Green iPhone Apps and Make the World a Better Place to Live!

What more to say! Even the intelligentsias have started arguing whether technology can get greener than this. Yes, Apple has succeeded in including some amazing applications to the App Store that can actually help you to create and lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With all these apps you can make your sophisticated iPhone adopt a greener attitude for the bigger cause of making the world a greener and better place to live.

Well, in this article, you will find the top 10 green iPhone application, which according to the users as well as individual iPhone developer are the best available in the App Store.

A Real Tree

This is probably one of the most interesting and worthwhile green iPhone apps. By purchasing this application you can actually make contribution for the reforestation of different countries across the world. Featured under the Entertainment category, A Real Tree is a true entertainer with a greater purpose. You can watch the virtual tree with its green leaves swaying in the winds or can simply blow the wind and watch the birds fly out of its branches and the beautiful flowers blossom. Overall, A Real Tree is an application that saves our planet in the true sense.

To get the A Real Tree app click on the following iTunes link:

The Green Lemur

For its well-organized valuable tips and details, The Green Lemur stands out from the rest of the green iPhone apps. This unique Lifestyle app offers a wide array of useful green tips, which you can actually put into practice to lead a better and greener lifestyle. On this app you will find the Tip of the Day, the Latest Tips and several other simple yet useful features. You can further browse for the best green tip using the search option.

To know more about the application click on the following link:

Carbon Tracker

This is however one of the most unique Lifestyle apps on iPhone. Carbon tracker is a Lifestyle app that helps users to track their carbon footprint from daily communication, vacations or business tours. Carbon Tracker is a GPS enabled application which further allows the users to fix a monthly goal for maximum emission and monitor the progress on a regular basis.

Find more about the Carbon Tracker App in the iTunes App Store link given below:


GreenMeter, another popular Lifestyle application is a perfect example of top iPhone green apps. By keeping a track on the characteristics of the usage of your car’s fuel and power, GreenMeter guides you in maximizing the efficiency. By making little changes in your driving habit, you can actually cut down your cost, consumption as well as carbon footprint.

Click on the iTunes link below to know more about the GreenMeter application:

3rdWhale Mobile

If you really want to get connected to the best green business located in your area, then the 3rdWhale Mobile is the ideal app for you. This location-based iPhone Lifestyle app offers 6 unique search categories. You can choose your mode of transport which includes car, bicycle or foot. You can further get find information on rates, read reviews and even get directions. The 3rdWhale Mobile app offers you the easiest and fastest way to know your surrounding.

Find more about the app in the following iTunes link:


Carcare is one of the other fuel efficiency apps available on the iPhone platform. This amazing Lifestyle application takes care of your car’s maintenance necessities and provides you with an easy to understand data. So, get the application installed on to your iPhone and keep a track on your car’s fuel efficiency and maintenance and help in making the environment pollution free.

Find more about this application in the iTunes link given below:

Get Green

Get your daily green tip on your iPhone with the Get Green application. Featured under the Reference category, Get Green offers the best eco-tips that you could ever think of. It is a simple yet useful date-based system that generates unique green tips for each day. The app further allows you to spread these green messages to your friends, family and colleagues through email.

Find more information on Get Green, click on the following iTunes link:

Good Guide

The Good Guide iPhone app is somewhat different from the rest of the green apps. Rather than providing green tips, the Good Guide actually help users to make greener decisions while they are on the move. The mobile version if the original Good Guide website recommends its users several natural green and sustainable products that they can use while traveling for the greater cause of supporting the environment.

To get the Good Guide app click on the following iTunes link:

Go Green

This unique green iPhone application will surely amuse every iPhone user by providing interesting statistics about different things that would help you to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle. This Lifestyle app will provide you data like; wash your cloths in cold water and eliminate 2 pounds of CO2 or a more complicated chemical deduction that might be hard for you to understand.

Find more about the Go Green app click on the iTunes link below:


Ecocal is a smart calendar that shows the condition of nature at a particular time of year. The developers have made an attempt to draw the user’s attention towards the ecosystem. Impressive illustration, cool facts about flora and fauna, information on the different phases of the moon, stars and life are the primary attraction of this unique Reference application.

Find more information about the application in the following iTunes link:

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  1. Great blog.

    I own both the Nuvi 660 and the 760, I'm writing this review for people having trouble deciding between the two as the price difference between the two products at the time of this review is about 100 dollars. I'm not going to focus on the feature differences, as that information can be easily obtained from specifications and online reviews. The 660 was a fine product back in 2005-2006, but the new 760 outdoes the 660 in practically everything, but there are some key usability fixes that make the 760 a better buy for the frequent user.

    1. 760 has much better fonts for street names than the 660. This may seem like a trivial update to some, but the 760's fonts greatly improve visibility. The 660 uses all capitalized text for street names on the map, and the font is incredibly cartoonish and unaligned, something like the scribbling Comic Sans font on the PC. The 760 uses your standard Verdana-like font with street names in capitalized and lowercase letters. The fonts on the 760 are smaller, cleaner and surprisingly much easier to read while driving. The maps end up looking professional, and not some cartoony children's video game.

    2. 760 has better rendering in 3D map mode than the 660. In the 660 when you are zoomed in under 3D map mode, the roads close to your car are displayed incredibly large, so large that they run into other roads, making the zoom function essentially kind of useless for dense roads. The 760 does not oversize your roads just because you zoomed in to view smaller roads in detail. This fix is very nice for those who drive in places with dense roadways, like New York City.

    3. No antenna on the 760 makes hooking up your Nuvi to the cradle one step easier. On the 660 you need to flip up the antenna before attaching the cradle. For people who park their cars on the street overnight, removing the GPS from the cradle for storage in the console or glove compartment is a must, and it's a lot easier hooking up the 760 to the cradle than the 660. It's hard to aim the 660 to its cradle in the dark as you have to align both the bottom edge and the charge port under the antenna. In the 760, the charge port is directly on the bottom of the unit; you can attach it to the cradle with one hand in the dark easily on the 760.

    4. It takes the 660 a good 45 seconds on average (sometimes longer than 2 minutes) after boot up to locate the satellite on a cold start. If you have firmware 2.6 installed on the 760, the satellite acquisition time after boot up is between 10-20 seconds. After the firmware update, my 760 also holds a stronger lock to the satellites than my 660, I can get satellite lock inside my house with the 760, whereas I can't get a lock with my 660 (adjusting the antenna does very little).

    5. The ability to set multiple ad hoc viapoints on the 760 means it's a lot easier creating alternate routes (very handy to avoid a specific interstate or a high traffic road). Whereas the 660 gives you just one viapoint.

    UPDATE: This GPS is currently on sale at Amazon… now is your chance to buy one, if you haven’t already. You can find the product page here: