Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learn How to Screen Capture from Your iPhone and Enjoy the Advantages of Dual Display

Capturing the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch on your computer is a rather simple and easy task. But, mind it you can implement this method only on a jail broken device. Well, it would be quite interesting to be able to view your iPhone screen on your computer, but to be honest it might not be as useful as it seems. Although, most iPhone users consider jail breaking unethical, yet some people think it is absolutely cool and worthwhile.

However, to screen record directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to follow certain method and require few specific programs and applications. In this article you will find a step-by-step instruction on how to proceed with the process of screen recording from your iPhone.

The step-by-step instruction:

To start with, first you need to download the application known as “Screensplitr” from Cydia onto your iPhone.

On your PC or Mac machine open Safari and go to the bookmark tab.

Click on the “Show all Bookmarks” option.

Under the History you will find the option “bonjour”.

Go back to your iPhone or iPod Touch and open the Screensplitr application.

Tap on the icon to activate it. Once activated, on the icon, you will find a text indicating that the Screensplitr is ON.

Locate your iPhone on the Bonjour list displayed on your computer.

Accept the screen connection from your iPhone. (the option will pop up on your iPhone screen automatically)

Get a screen capture program installed on your computer and capture the whole or part of your iPhone screen.

So, now that you know how to capture your iPhone or iPod Touch screen on your computer, you can enjoy all the advantages of this dual display.

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