Monday, April 13, 2009

iBelieve iPhone Application: Brings Out the Positive Spirit in You

iBelieve is an application that would awaken the spiritual side of every iPhone user. It has been developed after much research on human psychology. The iBelieve application primarily concerns the idea of “seeing and believing”. This extremely religious application will make you believe that you and the people living around you are happy in every respect and lead a healthy life; physically, mentally, spiritually as well as financially.

iBelieve is perhaps one of the most unique and innovative Lifestyle applications that have been developed for the iPhone platform so far. It is a simple, yet extremely valuable application that every user would surely want to have on their iPhone, especially the ones who are inclined towards spiritualism. iBelieve is featured under the Lifestyle category and is available for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

What is iBelieve about?

The iBelieve application has been developed with simple yet unique features. The app offers four basic categories; I am, You are, I am/ You are and We are. Each of the categories has several images with 10 distinct messages inscribed on them; I am safe, I am physically happy, I am mentally happy, I am emotionally happy, I am spiritually happy, I am financially happy, my heart is open, my mind is clear, I live with ease and I ………… These images are repeated for several times in each of the categories. The application further offers 152 images of Beads that can be used for various spiritual purposes.

The basic idea of the application is to make the viewer believe what they see on their iPhone screens. It has been proved that humans tend to believe things that they view. The iBelieve application has been designed keeping in mind this unique aspect of human psychology. According to the developers, when a user read these messages for several times, he or she will automatically start believing it.

iBelieve Features

On iBelieve you can view the images as a slideshow or can manage it manually. From the Setting menu, you can make few changes in the application according to your wish or requirement. You can specify the playing time of each slide, choose the style of transition, keep the Repeat option on or off and even select the Shuffle option to display random images.

One of the best features of iBelieve is that you can use any of the images as your iPhone wallpaper. This way you will be able to view the message even when you are not using the application. You can also share these images with your friends though emails, where you have the option of adding your own messages as well. Ymedia Labs, the iPhone developer of the iBelieve application has designed it with extremely easy user interface. You can navigate and use the application by simply touching your iPhone screen.

iBelieve, with its spiritual functionality will not only bring out the positive spirit in you, but will also help you to stay calm and relaxed whenever you are restless or disturbed

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