Monday, April 13, 2009

Flash on iPhone: The Controversy and Disappointment Continues!

There has been a huge controversy and disappointment regarding the 3G iPhone being incapable of supporting Flash. People using iPhones across the world have been tremendously disappointed with this evident disadvantage of the smart phone. But, when Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc, was giving demonstration of the device, it was clearly noticed that the iPhone was, in fact using Flash. On the contrary, in March last year, during a conference call with reporters he made a remark on the regular Flash being too slow for the iPhone and Adobe’s mobile version of Flash Lite to be not enough advanced for the device.

However, Apple has been quite clear from the beginning that the iPhone would not be supporting Adobe’s Flash Player. Since the release of iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen had been quite positive about brining Flash to the iPhone platform. But, in his very recent discussion Narayen admitted that the company is facing some technical challenges in developing it, as the SDK does not provide enough access to the “innards” of iPhone OS, which is essentially required in order to provide such support.

Flash, as any web user would know, is one of the most common programs found on computers. On the web, Flash is primarily used to play videos on YouTube, Hulu etc or to create and play the animated ads on web pages. But, the limitation of the iPhone has forced every iPhone developer to create dedicated applications for the device, which would successfully deliver video to it without the support of Flash. However, this restricts the users to choose video formats according to their wish.

According to iPhone developer as well as users, since most of the Websites use Flash to support videos, the iPhone has indeed failed to deliver the complete experience of the Internet. Moreover, it has been almost a year since Adobe and Apple declared their partnership in brining Flash to the iPhone platform. iPhone users across the world are still waiting with much anticipation for the program to be released for the smart phone.

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