Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quickoffice ® Mobile Office Suite


Release Date: 18th April 2009

Seller: Quickoffice, Inc. © Quickoffice, Inc.

Price: $19.99

For almost every iPhone user, the release of the Quickoffice app was indeed a reason to celebrate. Well, this app has been in the mobile platform for almost a year now. But there were some limitation in it. However, the new upgraded iPhone version of the Quickoffice app promises to provide all the features that its previous version lacked. With this outstanding Business application you can view, edit and create any Office document even when you are on the move. Once you start using the app and get to know all its outstanding features, you will surely find it worth $19.99.

The Quickoffice ® Mobile Office Suite app comprises three application in one powerful package; Quicksheet, Quickword and Quikoffice Files. The best part of Quickoffice is that you can actually buy each of these apps separately according to your requirement. The Quicksheet, which is an advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor, offers simple yet extremely useful features. And you can use these features by three simple finger movements; tap, hold and slide.

Quickword, as the name suggests is the advanced Word Document Processing app that supports all the features and facilities of MS Word. You can create, edit and view all Word documents on your iPhone with this app. The Quickoffice Files app on the other hand supports Email, Wifi, Remote Access and File Management. With this app, you can access your MobileMe iDisk account, transfer files from Mac or PC to your device over the Wifi connection, easily organize the files and folders on your iPhone and do a lot of other things as well.

However, with so many advantages and possibilities the new version of Quickoffice iPhone app looks extremely promising and useful.

To know more about the Quickoffice ® Mobile Office Suite iPhone app click on the iTunes App Store link below:

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