Monday, April 6, 2009

iPhone App Developer Ford Pasons Brings Google Health into Your iPhone

It is without a doubt that the Health Cloud iPhone application has received a very positive response from worldwide iPhone users as well as iPhone developer. iPhone application developer Ford Pasons, has created this native app through which you can get direct access to your Google Health account. While creating the application, he has leveraged Google Health’s API in order to provide the users with their pre-entered personal health records in Google Health. Well, if you had ever wished to access your medical records from your mobile phone, here is the golden chance for you to make your wish come true.

In your Google Health record, you can keep a track of your medical information from your childhood till the present day. It is practically impossible for anybody to remember what injuries they had, what were the medicines that they had to take for some serious illness or maybe which are the medicines that they are allergic to. Google Health API is the cyber space where you keep your personal medical records for future references.
But, until now, you could access your Google Health account only when you were in front of your computer or laptop. So, what happens when you are far away from your home on a vacation or a business trip and some serious medical issues suddenly arise? Well, if you have the Health Cloud app on your iPhone then you can get a direct access to your Google Health account from anywhere at anytime.

However, the early version of the Health Cloud application did not allow users to update their Google Health account. Ford Pasons has promised to include some added features in his new Health Cloud 1.1 app. In this version users will be able to update their accounts and view notices from the providers. The updated version will also have improved visual interface for immunization, medication and all.

So, get the free Health Cloud application installed on to your iPhone and carry your medical records in your pocket.

For further details on the Health Cloud application click on the link below:

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