Monday, April 13, 2009

New Improved Web-based Gmail: Now on Your iPhone!

For all iPhone users, the release of the new and upgraded Web-based version of Gmail on the iPhone platform is probably one of the greatest news of this year, so far. Google has released this new version of Gmail that promises a much faster and sophisticated version of the web-based email service including access to messenger and more elaborate user interface. The messenger in this version not only works faster, but you can also access it even when offline.

Google, while demonstrating their new Web based Gmail version for the mobile platform highlighted the fast functioning ability of it. With this application, performing actions such as opening e-mail, searching and navigating will become much quicker and easier. One of the best features about this Gmail application is that you can open a recently read mail even if suddenly get disconnected. Moreover, you can compose a mail over a non-existing or very poor network connection.

The most significant feature of the iPhone Gmail app is that the application doesn’t need to be downloaded through the App Store of Apple Inc. It automatically runs as the user points the browser to With this application, Google has once again proved how powerful the Web browsers of mobile phones have become. The browsers not only help surfing the web, but also successfully run web-based applications.

Here are some of the additional features of the Google iPhone app that you can enjoy:

New elaborated interface

Multiple messages can be selected, deleted, archived, marked as read or unread or spam at the same time.

Floating toolbar

The Search button on top of the screen allows easier recovery of older messages.

Although, some people have pointed out few drawbacks in the application, most of the users as well as iPhone developer have found Goggle’s new Gmail app extremely useful and convenient.

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