Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bento iPhone App – Manage Your Busy Schedules with Ease and Comfort


Category: Productivity

Released Date: 15th June 2009

Seller: FileMaker Inc. © 2009 FileMaker Inc.

Price: $4.99

Almost every iPhone user will admit that organizing their busy life on their iPhones has become much easier and smoother with Bento, the outstanding productivity application that FileMaker Inc. released on June 15th. Even though the application is a little high priced, if compared to the amount of facilities and functionalities it offers, $4.99 would seem quite reasonable. According to most users as well as some iPhone developer, Bento is undoubtedly one of the must-have iPhone applications for people who do not consider iPhones to be the device of real use and not just a gaming or entertainment tool.

Bento, as some of you know is the iPhone and iPod Touch version of the very popular personal database. This versatile and powerful iPhone application makes it easier for you to create numerous databases and manage a wide range of different information from your iPhone. On Bento, you can manage your contacts, coordinate different projects, organize parties and even track your vehicle maintenance or vet bills – all from a single app.

Here is a list of some of the top features of Bento that makes this productivity application stand out in the crowd of similar kind of apps.

25 ready-to-use customizable database templates - Classes, Contacts, Customers, Diet Log, Donations, Digital Media, Events, Event Planning, Equipment, Expenses, Exercise Log, Files, Inventory, Home Inventory, Items Sold, Issue Tracking, Products, Projects, Notes, Membership List, Recipes, To-do List, Student List, Time Billing and Vehicle Maintenance.

The app support 15 field types so that you ca store wide variety of data including text, dates, numbers, times, durations, sounds, pictures, video clips, check boxes, pop-up choices, phone numbers, addresses, rates, ratings, email addresses, websites, instant messaging accounts and many more.

Features iTunes-style search and instant sorting.

Integrates with other iPhone apps. Therefore you can tap on Bento and make a call from the contact list, send an email, view a website or even display a map.

Bento can work as an independent iPhone app or can be synchronized with its Mac version.

Cons: Despite of its various useful features and convenient functionalities the Bento iPhone app has few drawbacks – the application may not be able to support large database created in its Mac version – WiFi wireless connection is required to synchronize Bento iPhone app with Bento 2.0v4 for Mac – events or tasks from iCal cannot be accessible from Bento – some of the fields require Bento 2.0v4 for Mac desktop software.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toki Tori – promising the best iPhone puzzle experience

Toki Tori

Category: Games

Released Date: 29th May 2009

Seller: Chillingo Ltd. © Two Tribes

Price: $4.99

Toki Tori is undoubtedly one of the nicest entertaining puzzle games available in the iTunes Store. It is something that iPhone users have never experienced before on this smartphone platform. Two Tribes, the developer of this unique gaming app, added few extra features to make Toki Tori stand out in the crowd of other similar iPhone puzzle games. No doubt, they have succeeded in every respect. All you got to do is push your brain a little harder to guide the sweet little chick, Toki Tori through the 80 challenging game levels – collecting eggs as you play. The Toki Tori iPhone application is priced $4.99, which according to most iPhone developer is highly reasonable in compared to the fun one will have playing the game.

Toki Tori offers 80 outstandingly challenging game levels that are spread over 4 unique mysterious worlds. As the player, your objective is to guide Toki through the difficulties in each level while collecting as many eggs as you can. You are armed with a whole range of different items and weapons that would help you to overcome the obstacles and solve all the puzzles. It includes Slug Sucker, Instant Rock and the infamous Telewarp.

The developers, while designing this puzzle app, have focused on utilizing the built-in high technology of the device, which includes iPhone’s multi-touch screen and the accelerometer. Some levels feature puzzles that are quite easy to solve, while the others are brain-bending. The gameplay of Toki Tori is embedded in trial and error, as most of them require unshackling of eggs in certain order. So, when after spending hours trying to solve the puzzle you finally do it – the pleasure and enjoyment literally doubles.

The high quality charming visuals and the perfect happy-go-lucky soundtrack makes Toki Tori fun, exciting and fully entertaining. Here are some of the great features that you can enjoy on Toki Tori:

  • Customizable multi-touch game control scheme
  • 80 unique game levels spread over 4 large mysterious worlds
  • Amazing graphics
  • Unique catchy sound-track
  • A wide range of items and weapons
  • Highly interactive cut-scenes

So, if you really want to spend some amazing time playing the most entertaining puzzle games on your iPhone, then Toki Tori is surely for you.

To download from apple store visit here:

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apple’s Announcement of the Apple Design Awards Winners 2009 Creates Excitement Among iPhone App Developers

Apple on the second night of their Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards. Every single iPhone developer from all over the world anxiously waits for this grand announcement. Both iPhone application and Mac developers had submitted their designs for the competition and only few were lucky to actually win them. The awards indicate the excellence, innovation and outstanding achievement of the developers that are recognized throughout the world. Here is a brief of the iPhone application winners of the 2009 Apple Design Awards:

iPhone Developer Showcase At Bat 2009 version 1.0.1 from
Category: Sports

Price: $9.99

Setting a standard for all iPhone sports applications, At 2009 is an extremely innovative and highly connected application. It is the fastest and most detailed medium to follow baseball on the iPhone. You can listen to live commentary of every regular and postseason baseball game, watch real time scores, stream audios for every game and play highlights and do many other things.

2. Postage version 1.0.1 from Rogue Sheep

Category: Photography

Price: $4.99

This amazing photographic iPhone app allows you to create beautiful digital postcards from your photos from your iPhone library with the help of few easy and simple tools and send them to your friends and family through email. No matter whether you are on the move or somewhere far away from your loved ones, with Postage you can always send them a fine creative postcard you made by putting frames around the pictures and adding postage to give it a realistic touch.

3. Topple 2 version 1.1 from ngmoco

Category: Games

Price: $2.99

Stacking blocks and keeping them from toppling over is the sole objective of this awesome, funny and entertaining gaming app. Topple 2 fully utilizes the built-in accelerometer and the multi-touch technology of the device. The local WiFi multiplayer mode of the game allows you to play with your friends and the challenge mode allows you to record a session and sent it to your friend via email or facebook or twitter.

4. Tweetie version 1.3.1 from atebits LLC

Category: Social Networking

Price: $2.99

This fast and fully featured Twitter client is exclusive developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app offers all Twitter functionality with an incredibly sophisticated UI, outstanding ease-of-use and unparalleled performance.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

DogiDuty: An Ideal App for Dog Lovers

Category: Utilities
Released Date: 18th March 2009
Seller: Greendoor Communications LLC © Tyler Bowers
Price: $0.99

I am sure that most of you didn’t have much idea about the fact that Apple’s App Store is not just for human convenience, knowledge, entertainment or satisfaction, it also stores some amazing stuffs for your pets as well. DogiDuty is an incredibly unique application that would make every dog owners happy and satisfied. With the DogiDuty application, you can now keep a record of all the important doggy duties like feeding time, walking time and other useful information, while leaving them behind at home or at in charge of someone else. With this app, you can now peacefully go out for a wonderful weekend tour, to your workplace on a daily basis or even attend an evening party that you wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.

This unique and innovative Utilities iPhone app allows keeping the person taking care of your dog up-dated with the different duties that he or she needs to take care of like feeding them, taking them out for a walk and all other doggy information. With this app, you can send regular reports to the recipient and keep him updated with his duties. For this the only thing that the recipient needs to have is a regular email account to receive the emails you sent him.

The DogiDuty application is ideal for families with more than one dog and for the dog walkers who have lots of clients. The user interface of the app is so clean and easy to manage, that you can go through it even with one hand while on the other hand you hold the small puppy you took out for a walk.

The Feature:

Here are some of the features of the application that make it special and different:

* The application allows the users to keep a record of doggy duties for unlimited client list, where you can add up to three dogs for each client.

* You can check out whether your little puppy was given food and water or went pee or poo.

* The emails are time stamped, so that you can track the time the walk continued.

* You can further add some special notes about your dog’s walk for the convenience of your dog walker and for the comfort of your dog.

With so much and more, the DogiDuty app has indeed been a great achievement for the developers and extremely useful for pet owners and dog lovers. It is the dream and goal of every iPhone developer to create an app that would be useful, innovative and unique. Undoubtedly, Greendoor Communications, the developer of DogiDuty has been successful in achieving all the three.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

MyWebClip - Your iPhone Internet Bookmark Manager

Category: Productivity
Released Date: 26th May 2009
Seller: for You inc. © 2009 for You inc.
Price: $2.99

MyWebClip is another highly praised and extremely useful productivity application designed for the iPhone platform. The design of the application is so convincing that you will surely mistake it as a native app. The MyWebClip app is basically used for managing Internet bookmarks that have icons exclusively for the iPhone. The app management system of the application is so well executed that some people think that Apple could have used it as an in-built app management system in the future versions of iPhone OS.

Most users go on downloading applications on to their iPhones without even bothering to arrange them properly, which eventually leads to a messy crowded screen. Thankfully, the MyWebClip app fills this app management void and at the same time works as an alternative for using Safari. Since the app allows you to bookmark your favorite sites and browse the web at the same time, you will surely find the app super handy. Its customizable background screen ability makes the app attractive and interactive unlike any of the other similar apps.
Notable features:

Here is a quick view of the different notable functions of this incredible Productivity application:
On MyWebClip you can organize 16 bookmark icons on each page with a total number of 144 icons. If you want to delete or move any of the icons, just tap and hold.
For the security of your login information, the app features a Passcode Lock function.
While browsing sites from MyWebClip you can widen your viewing area by hiding the address and navigation bars. To make the bars reappear, tap the display or shake the device.
You can keep back-up or restore bookmarks to and from Mac or Windows.
You can disable the auto-rotation function of the app while browsing.
Create speed-dial icons from your existing contact list.
4 background themes are featured in the application for you to choose from. You can even select a photo from your iPhone photo library and set it as the app background.

There are however, two notable drawbacks of MyWebClip - it’s not compatible with the “Tab” multiple site browsing feature and does not have the history indication feature. Despite of the two tiny flaws, MyWebClip undoubtedly stands high in terms of popularity as well as productivity. None of the users or iPhone developer can deny the usefulness and innovativeness of this outstanding iPhone app.

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