Friday, June 5, 2009

DogiDuty: An Ideal App for Dog Lovers

Category: Utilities
Released Date: 18th March 2009
Seller: Greendoor Communications LLC © Tyler Bowers
Price: $0.99

I am sure that most of you didn’t have much idea about the fact that Apple’s App Store is not just for human convenience, knowledge, entertainment or satisfaction, it also stores some amazing stuffs for your pets as well. DogiDuty is an incredibly unique application that would make every dog owners happy and satisfied. With the DogiDuty application, you can now keep a record of all the important doggy duties like feeding time, walking time and other useful information, while leaving them behind at home or at in charge of someone else. With this app, you can now peacefully go out for a wonderful weekend tour, to your workplace on a daily basis or even attend an evening party that you wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.

This unique and innovative Utilities iPhone app allows keeping the person taking care of your dog up-dated with the different duties that he or she needs to take care of like feeding them, taking them out for a walk and all other doggy information. With this app, you can send regular reports to the recipient and keep him updated with his duties. For this the only thing that the recipient needs to have is a regular email account to receive the emails you sent him.

The DogiDuty application is ideal for families with more than one dog and for the dog walkers who have lots of clients. The user interface of the app is so clean and easy to manage, that you can go through it even with one hand while on the other hand you hold the small puppy you took out for a walk.

The Feature:

Here are some of the features of the application that make it special and different:

* The application allows the users to keep a record of doggy duties for unlimited client list, where you can add up to three dogs for each client.

* You can check out whether your little puppy was given food and water or went pee or poo.

* The emails are time stamped, so that you can track the time the walk continued.

* You can further add some special notes about your dog’s walk for the convenience of your dog walker and for the comfort of your dog.

With so much and more, the DogiDuty app has indeed been a great achievement for the developers and extremely useful for pet owners and dog lovers. It is the dream and goal of every iPhone developer to create an app that would be useful, innovative and unique. Undoubtedly, Greendoor Communications, the developer of DogiDuty has been successful in achieving all the three.

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