Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apple’s Announcement of the Apple Design Awards Winners 2009 Creates Excitement Among iPhone App Developers

Apple on the second night of their Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards. Every single iPhone developer from all over the world anxiously waits for this grand announcement. Both iPhone application and Mac developers had submitted their designs for the competition and only few were lucky to actually win them. The awards indicate the excellence, innovation and outstanding achievement of the developers that are recognized throughout the world. Here is a brief of the iPhone application winners of the 2009 Apple Design Awards:

iPhone Developer Showcase At Bat 2009 version 1.0.1 from
Category: Sports

Price: $9.99

Setting a standard for all iPhone sports applications, At 2009 is an extremely innovative and highly connected application. It is the fastest and most detailed medium to follow baseball on the iPhone. You can listen to live commentary of every regular and postseason baseball game, watch real time scores, stream audios for every game and play highlights and do many other things.

2. Postage version 1.0.1 from Rogue Sheep

Category: Photography

Price: $4.99

This amazing photographic iPhone app allows you to create beautiful digital postcards from your photos from your iPhone library with the help of few easy and simple tools and send them to your friends and family through email. No matter whether you are on the move or somewhere far away from your loved ones, with Postage you can always send them a fine creative postcard you made by putting frames around the pictures and adding postage to give it a realistic touch.

3. Topple 2 version 1.1 from ngmoco

Category: Games

Price: $2.99

Stacking blocks and keeping them from toppling over is the sole objective of this awesome, funny and entertaining gaming app. Topple 2 fully utilizes the built-in accelerometer and the multi-touch technology of the device. The local WiFi multiplayer mode of the game allows you to play with your friends and the challenge mode allows you to record a session and sent it to your friend via email or facebook or twitter.

4. Tweetie version 1.3.1 from atebits LLC

Category: Social Networking

Price: $2.99

This fast and fully featured Twitter client is exclusive developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app offers all Twitter functionality with an incredibly sophisticated UI, outstanding ease-of-use and unparalleled performance.

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