Thursday, June 4, 2009

MyWebClip - Your iPhone Internet Bookmark Manager

Category: Productivity
Released Date: 26th May 2009
Seller: for You inc. © 2009 for You inc.
Price: $2.99

MyWebClip is another highly praised and extremely useful productivity application designed for the iPhone platform. The design of the application is so convincing that you will surely mistake it as a native app. The MyWebClip app is basically used for managing Internet bookmarks that have icons exclusively for the iPhone. The app management system of the application is so well executed that some people think that Apple could have used it as an in-built app management system in the future versions of iPhone OS.

Most users go on downloading applications on to their iPhones without even bothering to arrange them properly, which eventually leads to a messy crowded screen. Thankfully, the MyWebClip app fills this app management void and at the same time works as an alternative for using Safari. Since the app allows you to bookmark your favorite sites and browse the web at the same time, you will surely find the app super handy. Its customizable background screen ability makes the app attractive and interactive unlike any of the other similar apps.
Notable features:

Here is a quick view of the different notable functions of this incredible Productivity application:
On MyWebClip you can organize 16 bookmark icons on each page with a total number of 144 icons. If you want to delete or move any of the icons, just tap and hold.
For the security of your login information, the app features a Passcode Lock function.
While browsing sites from MyWebClip you can widen your viewing area by hiding the address and navigation bars. To make the bars reappear, tap the display or shake the device.
You can keep back-up or restore bookmarks to and from Mac or Windows.
You can disable the auto-rotation function of the app while browsing.
Create speed-dial icons from your existing contact list.
4 background themes are featured in the application for you to choose from. You can even select a photo from your iPhone photo library and set it as the app background.

There are however, two notable drawbacks of MyWebClip - it’s not compatible with the “Tab” multiple site browsing feature and does not have the history indication feature. Despite of the two tiny flaws, MyWebClip undoubtedly stands high in terms of popularity as well as productivity. None of the users or iPhone developer can deny the usefulness and innovativeness of this outstanding iPhone app.

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