Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DreamStream – Turns Your iPhone into a Pocket Digital Photo Frame


Category: Photography

Released Date: 20th May 2009

Seller: Subsplash, Inc © 2009 Subsplash, Inc

Price: $1.99

If you still haven’t got a digital photo frame for your desk then you should consider not wasting your valuable money on buying one. The amazing DreamSteam Photography app is now here to serve the purpose of a perfect digital photo frame that you can carry in your pocket all the time. This simple yet attractive app for the iPhone and iPod Touch gently enhances its utility as a perfect wireless digital picture frame. The app was released only a few days back, and is already being appreciated by the users and by every iPhone developer for its simplicity and utility.

The DreamStream iPhone app will allow you to customize a digital slideshow on your device that you can enjoy viewing whenever you want to. The app access and displays photos from your iPhone’s Camera Roll, Photo Library, MobileMe, Flickr tags, Windows Live Framelt, RSS 2.0 photo feeds and even from your and your friend’s albums on Facebook.

The UI of the application is simple and extremely easy. Tap the info button placed at the top right corner to get an access to the “Settings” page. The most convenient thing about the DreamStream app is that all the settings are featured within the application itself. You do not need to browse the net to change or modify any of its settings. You can add photos from any of the mentioned sources by simply tapping on the “Photo Sources” button.

However, the only problem with this app is that, you cannot choose individual photo from your or your friends Facebook albums to be displayed on your iPhone screen. As it displays a slideshow, you need to select an entire album. With so many photos to choose from, it really becomes confusing. But you can frequently change the displays so that you get to view all your amazing collections and see the photos of all your Facebook friends.

Adding photos from MobileMe is also easy and smooth. It works quite similarly as Facebook. But when it comes to adding photos from your iPhone itself, the task becomes a bit tedious. You need to select individual photos that you want to be displayed – it doesn’t allow you to select an entire album from your iPhone photo library. Once you set up the sources, you can select photos by checking the little boxes placed beside each of the sources.

Furthermore, you can customize the length of time each photo will be displayed according to your wish from the Settings page. The DreamStream app also features a ‘Widget’ displays that you can turn on or off. It includes a calendar display with day and time, a time display and a weather display, which you can customize according to your location.

Well, here is your chance to get yourself a simple and unique digital photo frame at only $1.99. So, take out your iPhone, go to the iTunes App Store and download the DreamStream application as early as possible.

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