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3000 Awesome Facts Pro iPhone App: A Fact Book for Entertainment

3000 Awesome Facts Pro

Category: Entertainment

Released Date: 22nd April

Seller: Nikolay Nachev © 2009 Nikolay Nachev

Price: $0.99

Released on 22nd of last month, the 3000 Awesome Facts Pro app has made its place on the top 10 list in the App Store. Categorized as an Entertainment iPhone app, 3000 Awesome Facts Pro will truly keep you entertained and engaged. Well, this application is very simple – it offers pieces of facts that most people would love to hear about; some of them are useful and the rest are absolutely of no use. No matter whether these pieces of information will or will not add any value to your knowledge – it will surely let you share few moments of laughter or amusement with your near ones.

What’s the App About?

Although, you need to really go through the app to know what it is about - for the people who are not in a position to get the app right now, here are few examples: did you have any idea that people who are lying to you tend to look up and or to their left? Or the fact that there isn’t any English word that rhymes with the word “month”? Well, if you are amazed by these, then just imagine of having 3000 of these awesome facts on your iPhone. Developers have been constantly upgrading the database with more interesting facts.

Its Features

The 3000 Awesome Facts Pro application offers extremely easy and simple user interface. You can use the application simply by tapping your iPhone screen. To view random facts, you can either scroll down manually or tap on any part of the screen. Tapping the screen will take you to the next fact. The dark background makes it easier for the users to read and lowers the strain on their eyes. The texts on the other hand are written in big and prominent fonts, so that it’s easily visible. The apps simple interface, smooth animation and extremely convenient features makes reading the facts pleasurable and at the same time relaxing. Well, the best part of the 3000 Awesome Facts Pro app is that the updates are available for free.

It is every iPhone developer wish to see their apps get to the top of the list and become popular among users across the world. The developers of 3000 Awesome Facts Pro have made every effort to meet all the requirements, as a result of which the app has indeed become extremely popular and highly appreciated within this short period.

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