Sunday, May 3, 2009

Apple Plans to Develop Their Very Own Mobile Chips

The hottest news in the market of mobile technology is perhaps the news of Apple Inc. planning to develop multifunctional mobile chips for themselves, for which they are hiring highly skilled developers from different segments including engineers. The inner technology of the first and second generation iPhones are mainly based on off-the-shelf parts obtained from third party suppliers. But, according to the latest news, it looks like Apple has made up its mind to become independent and build its own chips.

In the world of mobile phones, most of the chips are ARM-based. However, there are few that are outliers. But the point is that each of the chips has a similar power profile. So, by developing their own chips, Apple will be able to get a control over its own graphics, audio and video output – which will be of a huge concern especially with devices like the iPhone.

The company hopes that this significant capability to design their own computer chips will create a unique feature for the device and keep their works shielded from competitors. Apple plans to use these internally developed chips to reduce the power consumption of iPhones or iPod Touches. Further it would help the hardware of the devices to run realistic gaming software or high end videos by powerful graphics circuitry.

According to a recent news update, Apple has hired Bob Drebin, a former chief technology officer of the graphics products group at AMD and Raja Koduri, who worked in Advance Micro Devices Inc in the same post to work on this project. The company has further focused on hiring dozens of other programmers and engineers who have experience in this field. The aggressive hiring is another proof of the company’s soaring success, which has allowed Apple to increase their number of employees, when other tech tycoons are busy on trimming their work forces in this period of recession.

Although, Apple has refused to leak any news, some people who are quite familiar with their moves have made certain comments. According to one, besides the desire to beat others by creating newer and advanced features, Apple further plans to stop sharing their technology plans with any external suppliers of chips. Some people further reports that even though Apple has progressed with their designing plans, the chip will not emerge until next year.

Even though Apple officials are closed their lips, Steve Jobs, the company’s Chief Executive in last spring told P.A. Semi engineers that the purchase of Silicon Valley start-up is to make a way to gain expertise in technology to be able to run more sophisticated software on the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. He said; "You can't just go out and buy the chips off the shelf to do that".

Apple’s strategy has also made a mark by breaking the long term trend of outsourcing the development of chips and other components from external suppliers, which was a very common practice of most big electronic companies.

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