Sunday, May 3, 2009

App Store got 1 Billion Download; is it worth?

Just a few days back, the App Store reached its billionth application downloads. It is indeed an achievement worth applauding. This huge success indicates that iPhone users from all across the world are using their smart phones mostly for entertainment or fun rather than using it as a mobile phone. Well, there is a huge deal of controversy regarding the worth of each of the application available in the App Store. According to some people iPhone users are nowadays eagerly turning the device into a visual music instrument or a gaming device, forgetting its actual functionality. They further consider this to be the sole reason behind the success of the store.

Applications like Flick Fishing, Bubble Wrap and other games have indeed helped the store to get its 1 billion download over the period of just nine months. Whatever the reason is, the App Store has indeed sparked a revolution in the world of mobile phone technology. It has successfully changed the way consumers interacted with computers and by introducing a software development kit (SDK); the company has helped to build up a new economy around a piece of glass and plastic.

The success of the store further keeps Apple’s profit higher than what the company had expected. According to a recent report, in its second quarter, the profit margin of Apple jumped to $1.21 billion mainly because of the sale of 3.79 million iPhones across the globe. It is due to this reason people from every spheres of work are now trying to establish themselves as an iPhone developer by creating some worthwhile and some absolutely useless applications for the device. All of them are trying to make their application stand out among the 35,000 application currently available in the App Store.

Well, it has been observed that the most popular apps have been downloaded from the iTunes Store at a rate of 10,000 times in a day. Apple generates a serious amount of money at an average rate of $0.99 for every download. The company keeps a certain percentage of the profit and the rest goes to the developer of the app. Well, if you could measure, there are iPhone app developers who made it really big in this field and there are others who couldn’t even make it to the store itself.

But, with the upcoming release of the new version of iPhone operating system, developers are becoming more and more hopeful. There would be more scope for the developers to show their creativity. This new system is sure to give developers a lot of new feature to work on and eventually turn the iPhone into one of the biggest industries in the world.

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