Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AT&T myWireless iPhone App: Enjoy a Free Access to Your AT&T Account from Your iPhone!


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After keeping the users waiting for so long, AT&T has finally released their very own app for the iPhone. The company released the myWireless application in the App Store for all AT&T subscribers to download. This smart app will allow you to access your AT&T account directly from your iPhone. You can view and pay your bill, keep a record and track of your voice as well as data usage and also make changes in your plans.

AT&T is the sole wireless carrier of iPhone, over which millions of users get access to the Internet from their iPhones. Until now, users of this wireless service had to check their accounts on their iPhone browsers by visiting the website. The site is by default bookmarked on Safari in every iPhone across U.S. But, as it wasn’t actually optimized for the device, users found it quite difficult to navigate. With the myWireless app now available on the iPhone platform, checking, maintaining and modifying AT&T accounts has become simpler and much easier.

This free app is featured under the Utilities category in the iTunes Store. You can download it from the store onto your iPhone and directly start using it. With this app you can not only view or pay your bills, but you can even add and remove different special features such as text messaging or early nights/ weekends and a lot more. Not only that, myWireless further supports viewing of your detailed bill in a PDF file format, which will surely help you to go through the bill minutely.

However, to use the myWireless application, you must have an existing active Mobility account. Without registering for online account management, you would not be able to access your AT&T account from your iPhone.

Every iPhone developer as well as users from all across the globe has highly appreciated the effort of AT&T and has rated the myWireless app as one of the most useful applications available in the iTunes App Store.

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