Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Call List iPhone Application

The Fastest Way to Make Calls

When you are really in a hurry and need to make a call immediately, then it is quite difficult and cumbersome for you to find the contact number of one person from the huge contact list on your iPhone. With the My Call List application, you can now find your friend’s or business associate’s contact numbers with a single tap. This extremely useful Productivity iPhone application allows you to assign icons for speed dial to phone numbers. The application costs $0.99 and is featured in the iTunes App Store. You can download the My Call List application directly from the iTunes onto your iPhone after buying it.

iPhone developer have indeed made this application with easy user interface. The My Call List application is extremely simple and easy to use. To assign speed dial icons to the numbers, you need to first choose a number from your iPhone Contacts list and then add an icon according to your choice. After assigning it, you can simply tap on that icon and call the person. To tag the icon, you can use the person’s first name or any other name that you wish to give. You can edit these settings from the Admin Panel featured within the application.

Simple, but Useful Features:

The My Call List application features are simple, yet unique and are extremely convenient for iPhone users. Following is a list of the various features of the application:

• Allows you to choose numbers from your iPhone Contacts
• Choose Icons Option (features more than 50 icons)
• The application features over 30 different backgrounds that you can choose according to your wish
• Edit Labels
• Text Editing Option
• Supports uploading of own icons and backgrounds
• Supports multiple screen viewing
• One screen holds 12 icons
• Make simple swishing movements with your fingers to flick through the screens

The My Call List application in few words is your private phone book, where you can store contact numbers of the persons, who you need to call regularly.

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Play Mafia LIVE on iPhone

Mafia LIVE! is probably the best real time strategy game ever developed for the iPhone platform. Since its release on 13th January, 2009, the game has created a sensation among the worldwide iPhone users. Mafia LIVE! is extremely addictive and offers unlimited adventure and excitement. The Mafia LIVE! application is the mobile version of the much hyped online multi player crime game. This amazing application allows you to play against players from other parts of the world. The Mafia iPhone application is featured under the top paid gaming application category in the App Store and costs $0.99. You can download this application from the iTunes Store on to your iPhone. By creating this awesome action packed criminal gaming application, iPhone developer give you the scope to experience the life of a powerful Mafia.

Your Mission as the Mafia Leader

The Mafia game starts with your mission of creating the most influential crime family. In this game, you play as a street rookie of The City, who try and become one of the most powerful criminals by defeating other influential Mafia Families. And it is only by defeating these families, you can progress through the game. In order to fight them, you need to buy cars, guns and other ammunitions. There are several missions that need to be completed in order to win the game.

With increasing power and growing wealth, more options and features open up for you. As you progress, general people will try and help you by selling properties, bankers will help you by laundering your cash and the other Mafia Families will feel jealous and envy you for your success. You can ask your friends to join in with you and use each other’s strength to defeat enemies.

The latest 2.1 version of the Mafia LIVE application offers few upgraded features like 20 new missions, added more items that reveal after the 10, 15 and 20 levels and additional 25 exciting levels.

So, if you really want to check your skills as the City Mafia, then immediately download the Mafia LIVE! application and start playing the game on your iPhone!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Sniper Application on iPhone

Super Sniper Application: Gives You a Chance to Save the City from Terrorist Attack!

Fighting with the terrorists, rescuing hostages and saving the city is what you can do on your iPhone with the newly launched Super Sniper application. This exciting, action packed application is a typical shooting style arcade game developed exclusively for the iPhone platform. The Super Sniper iPhone application is featured in the iTunes App Store and costs only $0.99. Simple game controls, smooth zooming graphics, powerful sound effects and thrilling music make Super Sniper one of the best action games that you can enjoy playing on your iPhone.

About the Super Sniper Game

On this game, you play the good guy, who is given the task to rescue the city from the hands of terrorists. You get informed by your spotter over the radio link about your next target. So, you should always keep your years open and wait for his call outs. You have to be really quick and finish off your targets, before they kill you. The terrorists, who have hostages, can only be killed with a shot in their heads. If you miss the chance, it is an instant Game Over! You get bonus points for finishing each level on time and an extra bonus is added to your score for each Head Shot.

Super Sniper Application Features

iPhone developer have designed the Super Sniper application to fully take advantage of the built-in accelerometer of the iPhone. The game uses the tilt and the pan features in order to provide a realistic sniper control. With smooth zooming feature of the application is extremely powerful and captures every detail movement of your targets accurately. The upgraded version of the application will further feature touch-control mode, which will allow you to play the game by touching and tapping the iPhone screen.

The Super Sniper application gives you ample scope to fight against the terrorists and be a hero. To get the real-time experience, download this amazing sniper game application onto your iPhone and play it whenever you get time.

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The Multi-Photo Email application on iPhone

Send Multiple Photos from Your iPhone with the Multi-Photo Email Application!

The Multi-Photo Email application has opened up a new direction for emailing from the iPhone. Considering the limitations of the other iPhone mail clients, Aqua Eagle has launched this first 3rd party mail client application for the iPhone platform in order make emailing photos easy and flexible from iPhone. The Multi-Photo Email iPhone application supports sending multiple photos at a time through email, which saves you both time and energy. Through this unique utility application, you can now send your friends as many photos you want in a single mail.

Released on January 17th January, 2009, the Multi-Photo Email application has already become a hit among worldwide iPhone users. The application allows you to send photos as attachments by connecting directly to SMTP server of your email provider. To send, you need to select the photos, choose the email address of the person you want to send the mail, add a body or subject if you want and then wait for the Multi-Photo Email application to do the rest.

The Features of Multi-Photo Email

Following is the list of features of the application:

Attach and send multiple photos in a single mail.
Import recipients email addresses from your Address Book.
Manually add the addresses or choose it from the recently used recipients list.
Pick photos from the Photo Library of your iPhone.
Supports photo quality and size adjustments. You can adjust the photo size in order to accelerate the sending process.
Adding a body and subject is optional, which can be chosen according to the wish of sender.
A Video Tutorial and User’s Guide is featured in this application to provides help to first time users.

But, before you download the application onto your iPhone, you should make sure that you have an email account with a provider that supports SMTP server access like Gmail, Mobile Me and AOL Mail etc. So, download this unique Multi-Photo Email application and send a bunch of photo to your friends and families.

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The Vision Application on Your iPhone

Improve Your “iSight” with the Vision Application on Your iPhone!

Within few weeks of its release, the Vision application has hit the sky in the arena of iPhone. This outstanding iPhone application is indeed, an achievement for iPhone developer. Vision, as the name suggests, is an application that provides a collection of visuals along with other useful information about and related to eyes and vision. The Vision application was released on 19th January 2009, and since then, has become one the most poplar Healthcare & Fitness applications built for the iPhone platform.

The Vision application is both fun and useful as it keeps you entertained and also helps you to test as well as protect your vision. Losing vision has become one of the major disabilities in adults. By doing simple exercises, you can actually avoid vision related diseases and minimize eye stress.

The Vision Tests

The Vision iPhone application features few tests that would determine the viewing ability of users. Ishihara Color Vision Test, Renital Function Test, Astigmatism Test and Visual Field Test are the 4 tests featured in this application. By taking these tests, you can actually check your visual power.

The Fun Factor

The Vision iPhone application is packed with all different kinds of optical illusions; Stereograms, Animated Stereograms, Stereo Pairs and Stereo Anaglyphs.

• Stereograms – this optical illusion relaxes and lengthens the eye muscles that control the focusing lens by providing optical illusions of depth that has been created from one flat 2D image.

• Animated Stereogram – this is a similar kind of optical illusion, only with animation.

• Stereo Pairs – this is also another optical illusion of depth created with the help of a pair of 2D images. The cross-eyed technique is used for viewing this illusion. As you cross your eyes, the muscles that control the focusing lens shorten as it contracts strongly.

All these tests and illusions, not only improve your vision, but also keep you entertained for hours. You can simply sit and view these illusions on your iPhone as you take a break from your stressful schedule. So, buy this awesome Vision application from the iTunes Store and get it installed onto your iPhone immediately!

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The Chicktionary application on iPhone

Tap the Chickens and Get Your Word!

Chicktionary, the world famous internet word game is now available on your iPhone! Winner of the BEST WORLD GAME APP at the 2008 Best App Ever Awards Show, the Chicktionary application, since its release in December, 2008 has been recognized as one of the best games developed for the iPhone platform. With cool feature, easy gameplay and impressive graphics, the Chicktionary iPhone application has won the hearts of iPhone users across the world.

Blockdot Inc., the iPhone developer have especially modified the internet game to run on the iPhone. The application has both free and paid versions. Both Chicktionary ($1.99) and Chicktionary Lite (free) are featured in the iTunes Store. The Chicktionary application has been designed to fully utilize the built-in accelerometer and the multi-touch technology of the iPhone. It offers a simple and easy user interface.

How to Play

The main objective of the Chicktionary game is to unscramble a roost filled with letters and construct as many words as you can before you run out of time; the more words you create, the more points you will earn. Each and every chicken in the roost hold one letter. To create a word, tap on the chickens bearing the letters that are required to spell the word in proper order.

Coolest Features

The Chicktionary application offers cool and attractive features. The application offers 300 exciting levels. By shaking the device, you can shuffle the chickens and get new set of words. You can earn Eggachievements for doing all crazy stuffs or can simply play the game as an expert. Saving game, hidden Easter eggs, game statistics, local as well as worldwide scoreboards are some of the other features of this addictive fun filled game. You can also challenge your friend by sending him or her a message directly from your iPhone. The new version of the Chicktionary application further features timed and untimed gameplay mode, word description and the option to view missed words.

So, what are waiting for? Immediately download the Chicktionary application on your iPhone and enjoy the ultimate fun and excitement of word games!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wine Enthusiast Guide iPhone Application

Wine Enthusiast Guide, as the name suggests, is a complete guide to the wine cellar. This awesome application is indeed, a perfect companion for all you wine enthusiasts out there. With the Wine Enthusiast Guide application on your iPhone, you can now carry your personal team of wine expert, right in your pocket. With few taps and flicks, you can get easy access to more than 64,000 wine’s latest updates, including their details, ratings, reviews and retail prices.

This Fascinating yet useful iPhone application is featured under the Lifestyle category in the App Store. To download the Wine Enthusiast Guide iPhone application onto your iPhone, you have to buy the application, which will cost you around $4.99. Although, the price of this application is quite high, considering its features and functions it seems absolutely reasonable and worth. iPhone developer have created this exclusive Wine Enthusiast Guide application in order to make it easier for you to select a wine while you dine at the most exotic restaurant. The application provides more than 24,000 wine ratings for the 2004-2008 vintages along with nearly 500 authentic reviews added every month.

Choosing the Right Wine!

To get your final wine pick, you need to follow few very simple steps. After selecting a wine, tap on it to view the detail, which includes its ratings, price, tasting notes by the qualified wine testers etc. You can further add a wine to your favorite listing for future references. The Wine Enthusiast Guide helps you to find a wine according to preferences. You can search by grape variety, wine style, rating, price and even by region. The application also provides definition for 14,000 terms related to all the aspects of wine.

The 20 illustrated tutorials featured in the Wine Enthusiast Guide application have been designed to increase the knowledge of every user regarding wine and the secrets of wine making. The tutorials feature topics like wine ordering, food preparing, glassware, relation between wine and health, styles, cellaring and serving and many more.

So, if you really want to reveal all the secrets of wine or simply want to drink the perfect wine from the menu, then get this outstanding Wine Enthusiast Guide application onto your iPhone and enjoy drinking!

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Play Pool on Your iPhone!

This free Virtual Pool Lite application is ideal for those busy working people, who hardly get any time to visit their favorite pool parlor to play a board with their friends over a glass of beer. This virtual pool game offers all the fun and excitement of the original game, which you can enjoy on your iPhone from anywhere, at anytime. Going to a pool parlor and playing for hours can involve a lot of money. Whereas this amazing Virtual Pool Lite application can be downloaded onto your iPhone for absolutely free.

The Virtual Pool Lite application, to iPhone users is considered to be the best selling 3 dimensional Pool simulation created by the developers for the iPhone platform. It includes all the unique features and functions of its award winning computer version. iPhone developer, while designing the game controls have fully utilized the multi-touch technology of the Device. You can play the game by touching and tapping your iPhone screen. Its easy-to-play game controls, real-life game rules and of course impressive 3D graphics has made Virtual Pool Lite popular among all Pool lovers.

The Application Features

Features of the Virtual Pool Lite iPhone application are similar to that of the original game. The state of the art physics engine featured in this application delivers a unique and outstanding simulation of the original billiard game. In the first room of the Career Mode of Virtual Pool Lite, offers 6-balls play. The full or the paid version of the application offers few extra features such as 8/ 9 balls, Rotation, Straight and a complete Career Mode to play.

The Virtual Pool Lite application has won numerous awards and applauses from users across the globe. With this superb application, you can now have all the fun of playing Pool from anywhere, without spending a singly penny.

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The SpongeBob Tickler application on iPhone

SpongeBob Tickler: Your Underwater Buddy!

Sponge Bob Squarepants, the yellow pored absorbent sponge, who once lived in a pineapple under the sea, is now living on your iPhone. It’s true! The amazing SpongeBob Tickler application brings the hilarious character into your iPhone. This simple yet amazing application offers you the cutest and funniest virtual underwater buddy, who would keep you entertained whenever you are bored.

The application is available in the iTunes App Store and is featured under the entertainment category. Released in 12th December, 2008, the SpongeBob Tickler iPhone application has been ranking as one of the funniest applications developed for the iPhone platform. iPhone developer have created this application simply to have some fun with the device and utilize its built-in accelerometer and the multi-touch technology.

SpongeBob Tickler Application: Simply Awesome!

On the SpongeBob Tickler application, you can do a lot of actions:
To make your iPhone SpongeBob talk, simply tap on the screen.
As you slide your finger on the screen, the character follows your finger and walks in the same direction.
You can further tap the screen to blow bubbles.
If you tilt the device, you would see Gary, SpongeBob’s pet snail glide across the screen.
To stretch his face, you can zoom in.
If you want SpongeBob to jump, then all you got to do is shake the devi9ce.
The SpongeBob Tickler application further offers different underwater locations of Bikini Bottoms, which you can change according to your wish.

So, if you are actually a fan of the crazy television cartoon show, SpongeBob Squarepants, then you must download this awesome SpongeBob Tickler application onto your iPhone and keep SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom in your pocket, al the time.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zephyr iPhone Application: A New Way to Express Yourself!

Smule, after Ocarina and Sonic Lighter, has again hit the top list by creating the outstanding Zephyr application for the iPhone platform. This iPhone application is unique in every sense. Zephyr is actually a social networking application that also provides you the opportunity to explore the artiste in you. On Zephyr, you can actually create or draw a message on your snow filled iPhone screen and send it across to your friends. The Zephyr application provides you the finest opportunity to express yourself.

Released in December 29, 2008, Zephyr is featured under the top 10 paid Social Networking application in the App Store. iPhone developer have created this application with extremely easy and simple user interface. The application fully utilizes the touch technology of the device. You can navigate through the application and use it with simple finger touching, tapping and swiping movements.

Zephyr Features: Simply Awesome!

The Zephyr application provides you a screen covered with snow, on which you can draw or write messages with your finger tips. The application by sensing the touch and tilts, adds special wind sounds to it. This creates a nice harmonious audio-visual storyline that takes messaging to a new height. Quick finger movements on your iPhone screen would generate sound of blustery wind, whereas softer touches and taps raise soft breezing sound.

After you are finished with one of your exclusive masterpieces, you can share and send it to your Zephyr friends across the world. The heart icon on the Zephyr application page allows you to rate the compositions. You can simply tap on the icon and leave your ratings, which automatically get forwarded to other recipients.

The Zephyr iPhone application is one of the best and exclusive social networking applications ever created for the iPhone platform. It has given a new meaning to communication and socializing, which has been widely appreciated across the globe.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

iSteam Application on iPhone

iSteam Application: Steam Up Your iPhone Screen!

The unique and awesome iSteam application has created a sensation among the worldwide iPhone users since its release on 1st January, 2009. It has become one of the most popular iPhone applications under the Entertainment category after the virtual beer, virtual lighter and the virtual flute. Both the paid and the free version of the iSteam application have been downloaded more than 1 million times over the past months. Apart from its top ranking in the world market, iSteam was ranked number 7 in the top paid entertainment iPhone applications list across the United States.

What the Application Does?

iPhone developer have created this cool steam simulation application simply to entertain each and every iPhone user. This unique application fully utilizes the features of an iPhone, which includes its accelerometer, multi-touch screen, microphone as well as speakers. This simple yet attractive iSteam application entertains you by steaming up your iPhone screen as you gently blow onto the inbuilt microphone of the device. By using this application you can turn your iPhone screen into a foggy surface that would look exactly like the mirror in a bathroom after a hot shower or your car window on a rainy day.

Its Unique Features

The exceptional features of the iSteam application are:

You can create the foggy effect on your iPhone screen simply by blowing into the iPhone microphone.

To clear the screen and start fresh, you need to shake the device.

You can use your fingers as pens to write messages or draw images on the foggy iPhone screen.

The realistic effect of forming droplets leave their mark behind as they stream down the foggy screen.

You can apply the iSteam iPhone application on top of any of your favorite images.

On this application you can further save your created impression and share it with your friend via email.

The iSteam application also features an original finger squeaking sound as you slide your finger on the screen.

The iSteam application, with its unique features and awesome effects has created a standard of its own in the iPhone platform.

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The iFitness iPhone Application

Lead a Healthy Life with the iFitness iPhone Application!

Have you gained a lot of weight over the past few weeks? Worried about getting into shape? Forget all your tension and start a new healthy life with the iFitness application installed onto your iPhone. This superb application offers a unique comprehensive database of different exercises that helps you to loose weight and stay fit. Featured in the iTunes App Store under the Health & Fitness category, the iFitness application is one of the best fitness applications iPhone developer have ever developed for the iPhone platform.

The application is unique in every sense. It provides a database of more than 115 exercises along with images of real people demonstrating each and every exercise. For the convenience of users, the exercises are categorized according to the targeted body regions. To get the result, first you need to choose a target and then tap on your selected exercise. The iFitness application instantly provides you picture of a person performing the exercise. If you want to view detail description of the same, simply tap twice on the button, which flips the image to reveal the step-by-step instruction.

Useful Features of iFitness Application

The iFitness application features are extremely useful and offer unlimited assistance to all users. The application offers more than 115 unique exercises to choose from. Each exercise comes with clear real image and full step-by-step instruction. The unique logging feature of the application is equipped with the ability to keep a track of your progress. The iFitness application further allows you to add your own exercise to the database and keep a record of it.

The exercises on iFitness iPhone are categorized according to targeted muscles or body regions like; arms, abdominals and backs etc. iFitness application also supports creating multiple customized workouts. This outstanding application further features 7 routines set with different goals, which includes strength, weight loss and ab-definition etc. Another unique feature of the iFitness application is that it allows you to customize exercise photos by using the in-built camera of your iPhone.

With all these exceptional features and more, the iFitness application since its release in January, 2009 has become one of the most popular Health & Fitness application developed for the iPhone.

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Enjoy Free Fringing from your iPhone!

Through the fring iPhone application, you can chat, talk and interact with all your online friends over fring, MSN, Skype, GTalk, Twitter, ICQ, SIP, AIM and Yahoo!. Over WiFi connection, you can enjoy voice calls and instant messaging from anywhere, at anytime through this impressive social networking iPhone application. This exclusive mobile VOIP service allows free talking between two fring users over the iPhone.

The fring application was released in October, 2008, and since then ranks high in the list of top free Social Networking application till date. iPhone developer have created this awesome application in order to keep you connected with the rest of the world, throughout the day and during the night. Unlike FlickIM or Mundu, fring is not just a simple browser based chat application developed for the iPhone platform. You need to download the full functioning version of the fring application in order to get full access to all the instant messaging services. The application is featured in the App Store and can be easily downloaded onto your iPhone.

Simple yet Convenient Features of the fring Application

The fring iPhone application supports multi-connections and is available through WiFi, 3G, GPRS and Edge. The display list on the application further allows you to check your online friends’ status through real-time. That means, before you start your chat you can always check whether your friends are online or not.

The simple yet convenient features of the fring iPhone application make chatting, voice messaging and instant messaging easier and fast. Supporting multiple connection types, integrated SIP and dynamic contact list with the ability to track real-time availability of online friends are some of the impressive features of fring iPhone application that makes it so popular among worldwide iPhone users.

So, to stay connected with your friends, families and colleagues get the fring application downloaded onto your iPhone and enjoy free chatting, instant messaging and voice calling from your iPhone!

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Burning Tires 3D Lite Application on iPhone

Experience the Fun and Excitement of Racing Games with the Burning Tires iPhone Application!

The exciting racing game of Burning Tires is exclusively developed to run on the iPhone platform. Released on January, 2009 Burning Tires 3D Lite and the Burning Tires full version has gained immense popularity among worldwide iPhone users, irrespective of age group. Although, there are numerous racing games that iPhone developer have created so far, Burning Tires undoubtedly has created a class of its own. The application offers you a unique racing experience in every sense.

According to Apple Inc., Burning Tires 3D Lite application ranks top in the list of free iPhone games. The application is featured in the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded onto the iPhone directly from the store. The Lite version of the Burning Tires can be downloaded for free, whereas you have to buy the full version of Burning Tires to download it onto your iPhone. The Burning Tires game is full of exciting competitions, where you play against competitors who do not show any mercy, and neither do you.

Burning Tires 3D Lite Application Features: Unique and Attractive

In Burning Tires application, you can race on cars that are not ordinary. Each car is unique in appearance as well as functionality. The full version of Burning Tires features 7 different kinds of cars. The models change with each level. You start the game with one car, and then have to unlock the 6 other models by completing each level. On Burning Tires, you can play through 12 tracks in 3 different locations. The graphics of the application is quite impressive and is accompanied by real like weather effects, which adds to the whole impact of the race.

The Burning Tires application fully utilizes the accelerometer and the touch-technology of the device for game controlling. You can play the game either by tapping and touching or by tilting the device in order to use the accelerometer sensor. The full version of Burning Tires iPhone application further features a series of trophies that you can receive after you win the race. An Action replay feature is also added to the full version of the application. The Burning Tires paid version has incorporated several advanced 3D car physics to make the game more attractive and exciting.

So, if you really want to experience the ultimate fun and excitement of racing games, then get the Burning Tires application installed onto your iPhone and hit the road!

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Dinner Spinner iPhone Application Dinner Spinner iPhone Application Makes Cooking Easier and Fun! Dinner Spinner is undoubtedly, one of the best and most popular Lifestyle applications ever developed for the iPhone. This extremely useful iPhone application gives you a huge list of unique recipes from the world famous food website. With the Dinner Spinner application on your iPhone, you can now mesmerize and satisfy all your family members and guests by cooking variety of delicious dishes from all around the world.

The Dinner Spinner application is featured under the top 10 free Lifestyle application in the iTunes App Store. In this application, you will find thousands of top recipes that have been listed based on its popularity, ratings and reviews. iPhone developer have created this application with simple user interface, which makes searching recipes extremely easy and fast. iPhone developers have developed the application to fully utilize the accelerometer and the multi-touch technology of the device. You can search recipes by name or ingredients by simply tapping and touching the screen or can shake the device to get random recipes.

Superb Features of Dinner Spinner

The features of this awesome application are extremely convenient for the users. The application features three distinct search options, which helps you to find your desired recipes in few minutes. Dish Type, Ingredients and Ready In are the three options you can choose from while searching. The Dish Type option allows you to specify the type of recipe you are looking for. The list includes Beverage, Appetizer, Main Dish, Side Dish, Salad and many more.

The Dinner Spinner application provides details about the recipe including its colored photographs, ingredients, step-by-step process and nutrition. It also feature reviews by other users including different ideas and cooking shortcuts.

The choose by Ingredients option allows you to search a recipe by its ingredients. The option features a long list of different types of ingredients that you might like to cook with. The Ready In option lets you specify the time you would like to spend on cooking. And if you are still not sure what to cook, then simply shake your iPhone and activate the slot-machine of the Dinner Spinner, which would provide you with a random recipe that you can cook for your next party.

So, next time you think of inviting guests to your house, quickly go through the Dinner Spinner application on your iPhone and surprise them by cooking variety of mouthwatering dishes from worldwide cuisines.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The famous Zippo Lighter is now available on our iPhone

Light Your Cigarette with the Virtual Zippo Lighter Application on your iPhone!

The famous Zippo Lighter is now available on our iPhone. Considering the popularity of the Zippo lighter brand and the increasing craze for iPhone applications, Zippo Manufacturing Company along with Moderati Inc. has introduced the unique Virtual Zippo Lighter application for the iPhone. This awesome iPhone application transforms your iPhone into a virtual Zippo lighter.

This simple, yet attractive free application is featured in the App Store under the free Lifestyle application. You can download Virtual Zippo Lighter application from the store directly onto your iPhone and enjoy the visual effect, for absolutely free!

How to Use the Application
You can open or close the lighter by quickly sliding your finger across the lid of the lighter or can simply shake the device or flick your wrist. To light the flame, you need to flick your finger across the flint wheel in the exact way you would do to light the flame on an original lighter. To put out the flame, you can do the simple finger sliding movement or flick you wrist or shake the device and close the lid.

Awesome Features
The awesome Virtual Zippo Lighter iPhone application creates outstanding visual effect. With its powerful and intense graphics, the flame created on this application looks absolutely real. You can actually see the flame flicker giving a wind-blowing effect as you tilt the device to any of the sides. The application features different types of lighters with distinct style and overall appearance. To change your lighter, you can go to the Customize option, select your lighter and then tap on the done button. To play with this unique application, you can further engrave text on the body of the lighter simply to add a little personal touch.

So, get the Virtual Zippo Lighter application downloaded into your iPhone and experience the fun of using a Zippo Lighter!

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The fun filled reMovem iPhone application

Download reMovem iPhone Application and Enjoy the Fun of Playing Puzzle Games on your iPhone!

The fun filled reMovem iPhone application is a unique puzzle as well as strategic game that you can play on your iPhone whenever you feel like. This iPhone game is very simple yet extremely addictive. Once you start playing, you cannot stop until you reach the final or last level. Featured under the games category in the App Store, reMovem is one of the most popular puzzle games iPhone application developers have ever created for the device.

The Gameplay
The reMovem application offers a simple puzzle game that you can play in your leisure times. The main objective of the game is to remove the blocks of same colored balls by tapping on the iPhone screen. With one tap you can select the block and by tapping again, you can remove the balls. While removing the blocks, you need to be a bit strategic, as removing bigger blocks earns you more points.

Features of the reMovem iPhone Application
The free version of the application features 4, 5 or 6 ball colors. You can choose any of these three options before you start playing. 7x10 grid balls, 4 ways to play, amusing sound effects, undo option, special color blind mode, high and average score tracker and bonus points are some of the features of the free reMovem application. The paid full version of the application offers some added features that make the reMovem iPhone application more attractive and enjoyable.

With a simple gameplay and extremely easy user interface, reMovem has won the hearts of millions since it was introduced in July, 2008.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sneezies iPhone Application

Sneezies iPhone Application: Simply for Enjoyment!
Sneezies is no doubt one of the most relaxing puzzle games that you can play on your iPhone. This fun filled puzzle game is not only entertaining, but is extremely addictive. You will simply fall in love with the cute little floating Sneezies encased in bubbles that pop as you drop sneezing powder at them. The Sneezies iPhone application might seem very childish at the beginning, but as you reach higher levels, the game become trickier and puzzling.

Released on December, 2008, the Sneezies iPhone application has already become one of the top games developed for the device by the iPhone application developers. This paid gaming application is featured in the iTunes App Store, from where you can download it onto your iPhone. Sneezies is a casual puzzle game that you can enjoy whenever you need to relax or release all your tensions.

How to Play?
The main objective of the game is to rescue as many Sneezies you can from busting out of their bubbles. You start off the game by dropping a burst of sneezing powder with a simple touch of your finger, in the field of floating Sneezies. As you drop the powder, the Sneeziez sneezes and bursts out of its bubbles. Each time a bubble bursts, it sets off some more sneezing powder, which in chain reaction burst some of the other bubbles. This chain continues until you run out of bubbles. Your score depends on the number of bubbles you burst.

Cutest Features!
The Sneezies application features extremely attractive graphics along with well-coordinated comical sound effects. The game offers varied colorful backgrounds that change with each level. While you play Sneezies, you can also enjoy the soothing and relaxing music that runs in the background.
Sneezies, offer two game modes; the Classic Mode and the Challenge Mode. The application features 45 unique and relaxing levels in the Classic Mode and offers 15 exciting levels in the Challenge Mode. No matter which game mode you have chosen to play, Sneezies always promises you unlimited fun and excitement. You can share your score with your friend through email. The application allows you to email your Sneezies score directly from the game’s screen itself.
Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back on your cozy couch, and give yourself a reason to laugh and have fun with this awesome iPhone puzzle game of Sneezies!

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The Rick Rocketson free iPhone version

Rick Rocketson: Unlimited Action on your iPhone!

Ranking in the top 5 list of iPhone gaming application in more than 46 countries, and in the 1st place across 12 countries, Rick Rocketson is an outstanding Amiga-style adventure game developed for the iPhone platform. The application has gained immense popularity since it was released on 23rd December, 2008. Rick Rocketson application is featured as a free iPhone game in the App Store. You can download the application directly from the store and start playing.

The Rick Rocketson free iPhone version is an exact imitation of the Rick Rocketson Pro, the classic jump-n-run platformer. The game is pact with actions and adventures. Anybody who likes to play action games would simply get addicted to it and would be glued to their iPhones until they reach the end.

The Gameplay
Rick Rocketson, the good guy and the hero of the game on his way home from the villainous planet known as Omicron Nebula, gets attacked and shot by the vicious space pirates from the asteroid Blob 5. Featured as Rick Rocketson, your main objective would be to rescue the galaxy from these evil attackers. You can fight and destroy the furious space hedgehogs and shoot the space pirates by casting acidogefilus-grenades and with the laserblaster respectively. In this course you also need to survive several other hazards like traps and lavas. To fight all this, you need to collect ammunitions and health packages as power pick-ups.

Awesome Features!
The free Rick Rocketson application offers 5 exciting action-packed game levels to play. Finishing one level will automatically unlock the next. Laser and grenades are the two weapons that help you to survive through the traps, lava and other environmental hazards. The application features different types of enemies with unique vicious characteristics.
The Rick Rocketson iPhone application supports both landscape and portrait modes. You can hold your iPhone vertically or horizontally while you play the game. To control the game, you can either tap on the screen or can play the game using the controller featured in the left hand side of the screen.
After you finish the 5 levels of the Rick Rocketson free application, you would surely want to download Rick Rocketson Pro, the new and upgraded version, where you can enjoy playing the outstanding 14 levels of action-packed Rick Rocketson game.

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Playing the Brain Turner iPhone Game

Sharpen Your Brain with Brain Turner!

Playing the Brain Turner iPhone game is one of the best ways to sharpen your mind and improve your calculation powers. This unique iPhone application was released in August 2008, and since then has been one of the top 10 free downloaded iPhone gaming application. The Brain Turner application is featured in the iTunes App Store, under the games category. This simple, yet challenging mathematical game is popular among all iPhone users, irrespective of age.

Apart from being an extremely addictive and time passing game, Brain Turner also has a prominent value. By activating all the brain cells, the application helps repels deterioration of several physical diseases. The main objective of the Brain Turner application is to apply your brain and solve series of mathematical problems. The challenge is to complete as many as problems you in the shortest time.

The Game Features
This unique application features nothing but simple basic math that you have to recognize and solve as quickly as possible. The application offers extremely easy calculations that anybody could solve otherwise. But as there is a constant pressure of the time, users tend to make silly mistakes and often get confused.

This fun and addictive iPhone game can be played on your iPhone by tapping and touching the screen. The option menu on the application allows you to choose the kind of calculation you would prefer. You can choose from the following option; only positive numbers, little numbers, big numbers, more negative numbers etc. You can also specify whether you want the right/wrong sound that features in this application.
With simple user interface and game play, Brain Turner is considered to be one of the popular mathematical games ever created for the device by iPhone application developers. So, get the Brain Turner application downloaded on your iPhone and sharpen your thinking process and calculating abilities.

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