Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Sniper Application on iPhone

Super Sniper Application: Gives You a Chance to Save the City from Terrorist Attack!

Fighting with the terrorists, rescuing hostages and saving the city is what you can do on your iPhone with the newly launched Super Sniper application. This exciting, action packed application is a typical shooting style arcade game developed exclusively for the iPhone platform. The Super Sniper iPhone application is featured in the iTunes App Store and costs only $0.99. Simple game controls, smooth zooming graphics, powerful sound effects and thrilling music make Super Sniper one of the best action games that you can enjoy playing on your iPhone.

About the Super Sniper Game

On this game, you play the good guy, who is given the task to rescue the city from the hands of terrorists. You get informed by your spotter over the radio link about your next target. So, you should always keep your years open and wait for his call outs. You have to be really quick and finish off your targets, before they kill you. The terrorists, who have hostages, can only be killed with a shot in their heads. If you miss the chance, it is an instant Game Over! You get bonus points for finishing each level on time and an extra bonus is added to your score for each Head Shot.

Super Sniper Application Features

iPhone developer have designed the Super Sniper application to fully take advantage of the built-in accelerometer of the iPhone. The game uses the tilt and the pan features in order to provide a realistic sniper control. With smooth zooming feature of the application is extremely powerful and captures every detail movement of your targets accurately. The upgraded version of the application will further feature touch-control mode, which will allow you to play the game by touching and tapping the iPhone screen.

The Super Sniper application gives you ample scope to fight against the terrorists and be a hero. To get the real-time experience, download this amazing sniper game application onto your iPhone and play it whenever you get time.

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