Thursday, January 22, 2009

Play Pool on Your iPhone!

This free Virtual Pool Lite application is ideal for those busy working people, who hardly get any time to visit their favorite pool parlor to play a board with their friends over a glass of beer. This virtual pool game offers all the fun and excitement of the original game, which you can enjoy on your iPhone from anywhere, at anytime. Going to a pool parlor and playing for hours can involve a lot of money. Whereas this amazing Virtual Pool Lite application can be downloaded onto your iPhone for absolutely free.

The Virtual Pool Lite application, to iPhone users is considered to be the best selling 3 dimensional Pool simulation created by the developers for the iPhone platform. It includes all the unique features and functions of its award winning computer version. iPhone developer, while designing the game controls have fully utilized the multi-touch technology of the Device. You can play the game by touching and tapping your iPhone screen. Its easy-to-play game controls, real-life game rules and of course impressive 3D graphics has made Virtual Pool Lite popular among all Pool lovers.

The Application Features

Features of the Virtual Pool Lite iPhone application are similar to that of the original game. The state of the art physics engine featured in this application delivers a unique and outstanding simulation of the original billiard game. In the first room of the Career Mode of Virtual Pool Lite, offers 6-balls play. The full or the paid version of the application offers few extra features such as 8/ 9 balls, Rotation, Straight and a complete Career Mode to play.

The Virtual Pool Lite application has won numerous awards and applauses from users across the globe. With this superb application, you can now have all the fun of playing Pool from anywhere, without spending a singly penny.

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