Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Multi-Photo Email application on iPhone

Send Multiple Photos from Your iPhone with the Multi-Photo Email Application!

The Multi-Photo Email application has opened up a new direction for emailing from the iPhone. Considering the limitations of the other iPhone mail clients, Aqua Eagle has launched this first 3rd party mail client application for the iPhone platform in order make emailing photos easy and flexible from iPhone. The Multi-Photo Email iPhone application supports sending multiple photos at a time through email, which saves you both time and energy. Through this unique utility application, you can now send your friends as many photos you want in a single mail.

Released on January 17th January, 2009, the Multi-Photo Email application has already become a hit among worldwide iPhone users. The application allows you to send photos as attachments by connecting directly to SMTP server of your email provider. To send, you need to select the photos, choose the email address of the person you want to send the mail, add a body or subject if you want and then wait for the Multi-Photo Email application to do the rest.

The Features of Multi-Photo Email

Following is the list of features of the application:

Attach and send multiple photos in a single mail.
Import recipients email addresses from your Address Book.
Manually add the addresses or choose it from the recently used recipients list.
Pick photos from the Photo Library of your iPhone.
Supports photo quality and size adjustments. You can adjust the photo size in order to accelerate the sending process.
Adding a body and subject is optional, which can be chosen according to the wish of sender.
A Video Tutorial and User’s Guide is featured in this application to provides help to first time users.

But, before you download the application onto your iPhone, you should make sure that you have an email account with a provider that supports SMTP server access like Gmail, Mobile Me and AOL Mail etc. So, download this unique Multi-Photo Email application and send a bunch of photo to your friends and families.

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