Monday, January 19, 2009

Enjoy Free Fringing from your iPhone!

Through the fring iPhone application, you can chat, talk and interact with all your online friends over fring, MSN, Skype, GTalk, Twitter, ICQ, SIP, AIM and Yahoo!. Over WiFi connection, you can enjoy voice calls and instant messaging from anywhere, at anytime through this impressive social networking iPhone application. This exclusive mobile VOIP service allows free talking between two fring users over the iPhone.

The fring application was released in October, 2008, and since then ranks high in the list of top free Social Networking application till date. iPhone developer have created this awesome application in order to keep you connected with the rest of the world, throughout the day and during the night. Unlike FlickIM or Mundu, fring is not just a simple browser based chat application developed for the iPhone platform. You need to download the full functioning version of the fring application in order to get full access to all the instant messaging services. The application is featured in the App Store and can be easily downloaded onto your iPhone.

Simple yet Convenient Features of the fring Application

The fring iPhone application supports multi-connections and is available through WiFi, 3G, GPRS and Edge. The display list on the application further allows you to check your online friends’ status through real-time. That means, before you start your chat you can always check whether your friends are online or not.

The simple yet convenient features of the fring iPhone application make chatting, voice messaging and instant messaging easier and fast. Supporting multiple connection types, integrated SIP and dynamic contact list with the ability to track real-time availability of online friends are some of the impressive features of fring iPhone application that makes it so popular among worldwide iPhone users.

So, to stay connected with your friends, families and colleagues get the fring application downloaded onto your iPhone and enjoy free chatting, instant messaging and voice calling from your iPhone!

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