Monday, January 19, 2009

The iFitness iPhone Application

Lead a Healthy Life with the iFitness iPhone Application!

Have you gained a lot of weight over the past few weeks? Worried about getting into shape? Forget all your tension and start a new healthy life with the iFitness application installed onto your iPhone. This superb application offers a unique comprehensive database of different exercises that helps you to loose weight and stay fit. Featured in the iTunes App Store under the Health & Fitness category, the iFitness application is one of the best fitness applications iPhone developer have ever developed for the iPhone platform.

The application is unique in every sense. It provides a database of more than 115 exercises along with images of real people demonstrating each and every exercise. For the convenience of users, the exercises are categorized according to the targeted body regions. To get the result, first you need to choose a target and then tap on your selected exercise. The iFitness application instantly provides you picture of a person performing the exercise. If you want to view detail description of the same, simply tap twice on the button, which flips the image to reveal the step-by-step instruction.

Useful Features of iFitness Application

The iFitness application features are extremely useful and offer unlimited assistance to all users. The application offers more than 115 unique exercises to choose from. Each exercise comes with clear real image and full step-by-step instruction. The unique logging feature of the application is equipped with the ability to keep a track of your progress. The iFitness application further allows you to add your own exercise to the database and keep a record of it.

The exercises on iFitness iPhone are categorized according to targeted muscles or body regions like; arms, abdominals and backs etc. iFitness application also supports creating multiple customized workouts. This outstanding application further features 7 routines set with different goals, which includes strength, weight loss and ab-definition etc. Another unique feature of the iFitness application is that it allows you to customize exercise photos by using the in-built camera of your iPhone.

With all these exceptional features and more, the iFitness application since its release in January, 2009 has become one of the most popular Health & Fitness application developed for the iPhone.

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    Thanks for this useful post. As you say this application contain the list of exercise, it would be very helpful for those who have more weight. Its very good that iPhone Developers are creating this kind of application also.

  2. Hi, I want to say that I have bought an application which has more exercises to do. They are about 700 and plus yoga practice and some video instructions. This is All-in Fitness application which is really great.

  3. Your blog is very useful for me.I really like you post.Thanks for sharing.