Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zephyr iPhone Application: A New Way to Express Yourself!

Smule, after Ocarina and Sonic Lighter, has again hit the top list by creating the outstanding Zephyr application for the iPhone platform. This iPhone application is unique in every sense. Zephyr is actually a social networking application that also provides you the opportunity to explore the artiste in you. On Zephyr, you can actually create or draw a message on your snow filled iPhone screen and send it across to your friends. The Zephyr application provides you the finest opportunity to express yourself.

Released in December 29, 2008, Zephyr is featured under the top 10 paid Social Networking application in the App Store. iPhone developer have created this application with extremely easy and simple user interface. The application fully utilizes the touch technology of the device. You can navigate through the application and use it with simple finger touching, tapping and swiping movements.

Zephyr Features: Simply Awesome!

The Zephyr application provides you a screen covered with snow, on which you can draw or write messages with your finger tips. The application by sensing the touch and tilts, adds special wind sounds to it. This creates a nice harmonious audio-visual storyline that takes messaging to a new height. Quick finger movements on your iPhone screen would generate sound of blustery wind, whereas softer touches and taps raise soft breezing sound.

After you are finished with one of your exclusive masterpieces, you can share and send it to your Zephyr friends across the world. The heart icon on the Zephyr application page allows you to rate the compositions. You can simply tap on the icon and leave your ratings, which automatically get forwarded to other recipients.

The Zephyr iPhone application is one of the best and exclusive social networking applications ever created for the iPhone platform. It has given a new meaning to communication and socializing, which has been widely appreciated across the globe.

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