Monday, January 19, 2009

iSteam Application on iPhone

iSteam Application: Steam Up Your iPhone Screen!

The unique and awesome iSteam application has created a sensation among the worldwide iPhone users since its release on 1st January, 2009. It has become one of the most popular iPhone applications under the Entertainment category after the virtual beer, virtual lighter and the virtual flute. Both the paid and the free version of the iSteam application have been downloaded more than 1 million times over the past months. Apart from its top ranking in the world market, iSteam was ranked number 7 in the top paid entertainment iPhone applications list across the United States.

What the Application Does?

iPhone developer have created this cool steam simulation application simply to entertain each and every iPhone user. This unique application fully utilizes the features of an iPhone, which includes its accelerometer, multi-touch screen, microphone as well as speakers. This simple yet attractive iSteam application entertains you by steaming up your iPhone screen as you gently blow onto the inbuilt microphone of the device. By using this application you can turn your iPhone screen into a foggy surface that would look exactly like the mirror in a bathroom after a hot shower or your car window on a rainy day.

Its Unique Features

The exceptional features of the iSteam application are:

You can create the foggy effect on your iPhone screen simply by blowing into the iPhone microphone.

To clear the screen and start fresh, you need to shake the device.

You can use your fingers as pens to write messages or draw images on the foggy iPhone screen.

The realistic effect of forming droplets leave their mark behind as they stream down the foggy screen.

You can apply the iSteam iPhone application on top of any of your favorite images.

On this application you can further save your created impression and share it with your friend via email.

The iSteam application also features an original finger squeaking sound as you slide your finger on the screen.

The iSteam application, with its unique features and awesome effects has created a standard of its own in the iPhone platform.

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  1. Helpful background. I'm interested in developing an iPhone application that can be used to raise money to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world. Are there savy people out there who would be interested in using their skills for a good cause?