Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The famous Zippo Lighter is now available on our iPhone

Light Your Cigarette with the Virtual Zippo Lighter Application on your iPhone!

The famous Zippo Lighter is now available on our iPhone. Considering the popularity of the Zippo lighter brand and the increasing craze for iPhone applications, Zippo Manufacturing Company along with Moderati Inc. has introduced the unique Virtual Zippo Lighter application for the iPhone. This awesome iPhone application transforms your iPhone into a virtual Zippo lighter.

This simple, yet attractive free application is featured in the App Store under the free Lifestyle application. You can download Virtual Zippo Lighter application from the store directly onto your iPhone and enjoy the visual effect, for absolutely free!

How to Use the Application
You can open or close the lighter by quickly sliding your finger across the lid of the lighter or can simply shake the device or flick your wrist. To light the flame, you need to flick your finger across the flint wheel in the exact way you would do to light the flame on an original lighter. To put out the flame, you can do the simple finger sliding movement or flick you wrist or shake the device and close the lid.

Awesome Features
The awesome Virtual Zippo Lighter iPhone application creates outstanding visual effect. With its powerful and intense graphics, the flame created on this application looks absolutely real. You can actually see the flame flicker giving a wind-blowing effect as you tilt the device to any of the sides. The application features different types of lighters with distinct style and overall appearance. To change your lighter, you can go to the Customize option, select your lighter and then tap on the done button. To play with this unique application, you can further engrave text on the body of the lighter simply to add a little personal touch.

So, get the Virtual Zippo Lighter application downloaded into your iPhone and experience the fun of using a Zippo Lighter!

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  1. This is a great app. In fact I have it on my iPhone. But if you want a real Zippo Lighter visit the online truck stop.