Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wine Enthusiast Guide iPhone Application

Wine Enthusiast Guide, as the name suggests, is a complete guide to the wine cellar. This awesome application is indeed, a perfect companion for all you wine enthusiasts out there. With the Wine Enthusiast Guide application on your iPhone, you can now carry your personal team of wine expert, right in your pocket. With few taps and flicks, you can get easy access to more than 64,000 wine’s latest updates, including their details, ratings, reviews and retail prices.

This Fascinating yet useful iPhone application is featured under the Lifestyle category in the App Store. To download the Wine Enthusiast Guide iPhone application onto your iPhone, you have to buy the application, which will cost you around $4.99. Although, the price of this application is quite high, considering its features and functions it seems absolutely reasonable and worth. iPhone developer have created this exclusive Wine Enthusiast Guide application in order to make it easier for you to select a wine while you dine at the most exotic restaurant. The application provides more than 24,000 wine ratings for the 2004-2008 vintages along with nearly 500 authentic reviews added every month.

Choosing the Right Wine!

To get your final wine pick, you need to follow few very simple steps. After selecting a wine, tap on it to view the detail, which includes its ratings, price, tasting notes by the qualified wine testers etc. You can further add a wine to your favorite listing for future references. The Wine Enthusiast Guide helps you to find a wine according to preferences. You can search by grape variety, wine style, rating, price and even by region. The application also provides definition for 14,000 terms related to all the aspects of wine.

The 20 illustrated tutorials featured in the Wine Enthusiast Guide application have been designed to increase the knowledge of every user regarding wine and the secrets of wine making. The tutorials feature topics like wine ordering, food preparing, glassware, relation between wine and health, styles, cellaring and serving and many more.

So, if you really want to reveal all the secrets of wine or simply want to drink the perfect wine from the menu, then get this outstanding Wine Enthusiast Guide application onto your iPhone and enjoy drinking!

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  1. Hello, Vinfolio's Wine Prices iPhone Application has just been approved by Apple. Full press release is available here:

    Let me know if you have any questions about the product. Best, David

  2. This application DOES NOT WORK. It says my guide is out of date, but iTunes says I have the latest version 1.3. Even if I redownload, it oes not work. Same message.

    BTW, even when it worked it was really a weak app. No help at all in selecting wines.

  3. Very cool article! Thanks a bunch! Check out my website to find iphone developers!

  4. I found that there is a very good iPhone app - Wine Experts Rating.
    It provides the experts(Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, ST, CG,etc) ratings for many wines like Bordeaux, Rhone, Burgundy, Italy, Germany, Spain for each of the vintage.

    Here is the app website:

    I think you guys should try!

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