Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Call List iPhone Application

The Fastest Way to Make Calls

When you are really in a hurry and need to make a call immediately, then it is quite difficult and cumbersome for you to find the contact number of one person from the huge contact list on your iPhone. With the My Call List application, you can now find your friend’s or business associate’s contact numbers with a single tap. This extremely useful Productivity iPhone application allows you to assign icons for speed dial to phone numbers. The application costs $0.99 and is featured in the iTunes App Store. You can download the My Call List application directly from the iTunes onto your iPhone after buying it.

iPhone developer have indeed made this application with easy user interface. The My Call List application is extremely simple and easy to use. To assign speed dial icons to the numbers, you need to first choose a number from your iPhone Contacts list and then add an icon according to your choice. After assigning it, you can simply tap on that icon and call the person. To tag the icon, you can use the person’s first name or any other name that you wish to give. You can edit these settings from the Admin Panel featured within the application.

Simple, but Useful Features:

The My Call List application features are simple, yet unique and are extremely convenient for iPhone users. Following is a list of the various features of the application:

• Allows you to choose numbers from your iPhone Contacts
• Choose Icons Option (features more than 50 icons)
• The application features over 30 different backgrounds that you can choose according to your wish
• Edit Labels
• Text Editing Option
• Supports uploading of own icons and backgrounds
• Supports multiple screen viewing
• One screen holds 12 icons
• Make simple swishing movements with your fingers to flick through the screens

The My Call List application in few words is your private phone book, where you can store contact numbers of the persons, who you need to call regularly.

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