Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Vision Application on Your iPhone

Improve Your “iSight” with the Vision Application on Your iPhone!

Within few weeks of its release, the Vision application has hit the sky in the arena of iPhone. This outstanding iPhone application is indeed, an achievement for iPhone developer. Vision, as the name suggests, is an application that provides a collection of visuals along with other useful information about and related to eyes and vision. The Vision application was released on 19th January 2009, and since then, has become one the most poplar Healthcare & Fitness applications built for the iPhone platform.

The Vision application is both fun and useful as it keeps you entertained and also helps you to test as well as protect your vision. Losing vision has become one of the major disabilities in adults. By doing simple exercises, you can actually avoid vision related diseases and minimize eye stress.

The Vision Tests

The Vision iPhone application features few tests that would determine the viewing ability of users. Ishihara Color Vision Test, Renital Function Test, Astigmatism Test and Visual Field Test are the 4 tests featured in this application. By taking these tests, you can actually check your visual power.

The Fun Factor

The Vision iPhone application is packed with all different kinds of optical illusions; Stereograms, Animated Stereograms, Stereo Pairs and Stereo Anaglyphs.

• Stereograms – this optical illusion relaxes and lengthens the eye muscles that control the focusing lens by providing optical illusions of depth that has been created from one flat 2D image.

• Animated Stereogram – this is a similar kind of optical illusion, only with animation.

• Stereo Pairs – this is also another optical illusion of depth created with the help of a pair of 2D images. The cross-eyed technique is used for viewing this illusion. As you cross your eyes, the muscles that control the focusing lens shorten as it contracts strongly.

All these tests and illusions, not only improve your vision, but also keep you entertained for hours. You can simply sit and view these illusions on your iPhone as you take a break from your stressful schedule. So, buy this awesome Vision application from the iTunes Store and get it installed onto your iPhone immediately!

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