Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rick Rocketson free iPhone version

Rick Rocketson: Unlimited Action on your iPhone!

Ranking in the top 5 list of iPhone gaming application in more than 46 countries, and in the 1st place across 12 countries, Rick Rocketson is an outstanding Amiga-style adventure game developed for the iPhone platform. The application has gained immense popularity since it was released on 23rd December, 2008. Rick Rocketson application is featured as a free iPhone game in the App Store. You can download the application directly from the store and start playing.

The Rick Rocketson free iPhone version is an exact imitation of the Rick Rocketson Pro, the classic jump-n-run platformer. The game is pact with actions and adventures. Anybody who likes to play action games would simply get addicted to it and would be glued to their iPhones until they reach the end.

The Gameplay
Rick Rocketson, the good guy and the hero of the game on his way home from the villainous planet known as Omicron Nebula, gets attacked and shot by the vicious space pirates from the asteroid Blob 5. Featured as Rick Rocketson, your main objective would be to rescue the galaxy from these evil attackers. You can fight and destroy the furious space hedgehogs and shoot the space pirates by casting acidogefilus-grenades and with the laserblaster respectively. In this course you also need to survive several other hazards like traps and lavas. To fight all this, you need to collect ammunitions and health packages as power pick-ups.

Awesome Features!
The free Rick Rocketson application offers 5 exciting action-packed game levels to play. Finishing one level will automatically unlock the next. Laser and grenades are the two weapons that help you to survive through the traps, lava and other environmental hazards. The application features different types of enemies with unique vicious characteristics.
The Rick Rocketson iPhone application supports both landscape and portrait modes. You can hold your iPhone vertically or horizontally while you play the game. To control the game, you can either tap on the screen or can play the game using the controller featured in the left hand side of the screen.
After you finish the 5 levels of the Rick Rocketson free application, you would surely want to download Rick Rocketson Pro, the new and upgraded version, where you can enjoy playing the outstanding 14 levels of action-packed Rick Rocketson game.

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