Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The fun filled reMovem iPhone application

Download reMovem iPhone Application and Enjoy the Fun of Playing Puzzle Games on your iPhone!

The fun filled reMovem iPhone application is a unique puzzle as well as strategic game that you can play on your iPhone whenever you feel like. This iPhone game is very simple yet extremely addictive. Once you start playing, you cannot stop until you reach the final or last level. Featured under the games category in the App Store, reMovem is one of the most popular puzzle games iPhone application developers have ever created for the device.

The Gameplay
The reMovem application offers a simple puzzle game that you can play in your leisure times. The main objective of the game is to remove the blocks of same colored balls by tapping on the iPhone screen. With one tap you can select the block and by tapping again, you can remove the balls. While removing the blocks, you need to be a bit strategic, as removing bigger blocks earns you more points.

Features of the reMovem iPhone Application
The free version of the application features 4, 5 or 6 ball colors. You can choose any of these three options before you start playing. 7x10 grid balls, 4 ways to play, amusing sound effects, undo option, special color blind mode, high and average score tracker and bonus points are some of the features of the free reMovem application. The paid full version of the application offers some added features that make the reMovem iPhone application more attractive and enjoyable.

With a simple gameplay and extremely easy user interface, reMovem has won the hearts of millions since it was introduced in July, 2008.

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