Monday, January 12, 2009

Sneezies iPhone Application

Sneezies iPhone Application: Simply for Enjoyment!
Sneezies is no doubt one of the most relaxing puzzle games that you can play on your iPhone. This fun filled puzzle game is not only entertaining, but is extremely addictive. You will simply fall in love with the cute little floating Sneezies encased in bubbles that pop as you drop sneezing powder at them. The Sneezies iPhone application might seem very childish at the beginning, but as you reach higher levels, the game become trickier and puzzling.

Released on December, 2008, the Sneezies iPhone application has already become one of the top games developed for the device by the iPhone application developers. This paid gaming application is featured in the iTunes App Store, from where you can download it onto your iPhone. Sneezies is a casual puzzle game that you can enjoy whenever you need to relax or release all your tensions.

How to Play?
The main objective of the game is to rescue as many Sneezies you can from busting out of their bubbles. You start off the game by dropping a burst of sneezing powder with a simple touch of your finger, in the field of floating Sneezies. As you drop the powder, the Sneeziez sneezes and bursts out of its bubbles. Each time a bubble bursts, it sets off some more sneezing powder, which in chain reaction burst some of the other bubbles. This chain continues until you run out of bubbles. Your score depends on the number of bubbles you burst.

Cutest Features!
The Sneezies application features extremely attractive graphics along with well-coordinated comical sound effects. The game offers varied colorful backgrounds that change with each level. While you play Sneezies, you can also enjoy the soothing and relaxing music that runs in the background.
Sneezies, offer two game modes; the Classic Mode and the Challenge Mode. The application features 45 unique and relaxing levels in the Classic Mode and offers 15 exciting levels in the Challenge Mode. No matter which game mode you have chosen to play, Sneezies always promises you unlimited fun and excitement. You can share your score with your friend through email. The application allows you to email your Sneezies score directly from the game’s screen itself.
Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back on your cozy couch, and give yourself a reason to laugh and have fun with this awesome iPhone puzzle game of Sneezies!

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