Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Experience the Best Sudoku on Your iPhone!

After the release of ACTSudoku in January 31st, 2009, most iPhone user considers it to be the best Sudoku application ever created for the iPhone platform. This free iPhone application brings back the original iPhone Sudoku game into the device once again. The ACTSudoku iPhone application is featured in the iTunes Store and ranks among the top 10 new applications in the App Store. With its added features and great gameplay, ACTSudoku has become extremely popular among iPhone users from all over the world.

There are certain things that make ACTSudoku different from the other Sudoku applications. iPhone developer has incorporated certain features in this application in order to make it more challenging and enjoyable. Advanced and improved game board generator, unlimited number of boards, no backtracking or guessing option, green positive and red negative marker, rotational symmetry, optional automatic markers etc are some of the added features that makes ACTSudoku special and unique.

General Features of the ACTSudoku Features

The basic features of the ACTSudoku application are:
• More than millions of game boards to play (with rotational symmetry)
• 3 levels to play; Easy, Medium and Hard
• Logically solvable games (no guessing or backtracking option)
• Restart option
• Elaborate documentation of Sudoku
• Game get suspended automatically while receiving phone calls
• Supports bookmarking favorite games
• Positive as well as negative markers with option for automatic marker
• Intelligent and instructive hints are featured

The ACTSudoku application is not just a game that you can play on your iPhone, but offers to teach you all the different tricks and techniques of the puzzle as well. So, if you really want to enjoy playing Sudoku all the time, then download this awesome ACTSudoku application onto your iPhone and start playing NOW!

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