Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SkyCoaster 3D: The Wildest Roller Coaster Ride Now on Your iPhone!

Release Date:
18th March

Seller: KUANLOONG YONG © Ziconic

Price: $0.99

The SkyCoaster 3D application is undoubtedly the best iPhone entertainment application in the world. Within a few days, SkyCoaster 3D has become one of the top paid entertainment application throughout the world. This amazing 3D roller coaster with high-speed simulation is indeed a breakthrough for iPhone developer. With the SkyCoaster 3D application, you can feel the heart pounding excitement that you would feel in a real roller coaster ride, right on your iPhone.

With great introductory price, amazing realistic feature and superb graphics and animation, the SkyCoaster 3D iPhone application offers unlimited excitement to the users. iPhone application developers have used a panoramic photography and the 3D rendering engine of the device to create this fully customizable roller coaster experience. You can customize and adjust the speed, height, length of the track and even the loops and the downward spiral effect.

Unique Features

The SkyCoaster 3D application offers a whole range of outstanding features:

• Fantastic 360 panoramic backdrops.
• Roller coaster moves include turn, twist, loop and corkscrew.
• Extremely advanced engine belonging to the roller coaster generation.
• You can customize the ride according to your preferences. The tracks generate randomly as per your choice, each time giving you a unique experience.
• The application features two unique modes: conventional mode and suspension mode. You can switch between these two roller coaster modes according to your wish.
• You can view your current position during your ride from the overview mode.
• You can play any of your favorite tracks from your iPhone or can enjoy the built-in techno soundtrack of the application while you take the ride.
• The application is based on realistic roller coaster physics.

So, don’t waste time! Buy the SkyCoaster 3D application immediately from the iTunes App Store and experience the wildest roller coaster ride you can ever think of.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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