Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Weight Loss Coach iPhone Application: Your Best Coach to Loose Weight

Are you overweight? Need to control your food habit to be in shape? Need a personal coach to guide you in your weight loss program? Don’t worry! You can get all this and more without spending more than $0.99. The amazing Weight Loss Coach iPhone application provides all kind facilities you would require in order to get into shape and stay healthy. iPhone mobile application developers have created this amazing Healthcare & Fitness application to help you stay slim and fit.

Jenny Beaird, the globally acclaimed weight-loss coach brings her special one-on-one coaching techniques on to your iPhone with this unique Weight Loss Coach application. The application is featured in the App Store under the Healthcare & Fitness category and is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

The Weight Loss Coach application gives you the opportunity to track your daily food habit and other activities that you had planned as a part of your weight loss program. The application features tips, guidelines and instructions on how to loose weights. The analysis tool focuses on providing vital feedback in 6 major areas that would help you to reach your target.


The Weight Loss Coach iPhone application features quick proven tips, different ideas and original client stories. On this application you can learn how to get a control over your food cravings, reduce stress level, eliminating your resistance for exercises and how to create long lasting results.

The Weight Loss Coach is divided into two main areas; Daily Session and Backpack. In the Daily Session section, you will find a list of activities that you need to follow for the day. The page also displays several areas that correspond with the tasks. It includes challenge section, pedometer, food balance menu, physical activity menu, progress monitoring calendar etc. The Backpack section on the other hand provides several options for monitoring your progress, coaching guide, pick up tips and several games to play.

iPhone developer have made this application extremely interactive and user friendly in order to make it more approachable easy to use. So, if you are really thinking of loosing some weight and keeping in shape, then install the Weight Loss Coach application onto your iPhone and get started!

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