Monday, February 16, 2009

The Gym Buddy iPhone Application: Your Best Companion for Exercising

Category: Health & Fitness

Release Date: 10th Feb 2009 (latest version released on 11th March 2009)

Seller: Anywise Enterprise, LLC © 2008 Anywise Enterprise, LLC

Price: $2.99

Are you looking for a workout log where you can chalk out you workout programs, define your own exercises and log your sets according to your wish? Then here is the golden opportunity to do all this on one single application. The Gym Buddy iPhone application offers all this and more to keep you fit and healthy. Although there are few other similar apps, Gym Buddy is no doubt one of the most easy to use and adaptable workout log application developed for the iPhone platform.

According to some iPhone users, Gym Buddy is the best of its own kind. The latest version of the application was released on 10th Feb, 2009 and has already become popular among iPhone users. iPhone developer have designed this application with a very simple and easy to use user interface. Tap and touch the touch-screen of your iPhone to use and navigate through the application.

The Gym Buddy Application Features

• The application allows you to make changes and edit the sets that you had already created. You can change the time, weight & reps and notes of your sets anytime according to your convenience.

• You can sort your exercises in a workout in any order you wish to. You can further flip through the set directly from the input screen. Speed and simplicity is the key feature of the Gym Buddy application.

• The Gym Buddy application features three countdown timers where you can check your rest periods. The timers beep and buzz on its own at any duration, but if you set it to start automatically, then it would start whenever you enter a set.

• You can email your history to keep a backup and for storing it to a spreadsheet. You can arrange the mail by exercises, workouts or even time.

• The result page is displayed in a very compact and concise format, which can be segregated as time frame, workout and exercise.

• On the input screen, you can further view your previous workout and exercise results, which would undoubtedly help you to determine your target.

• The Gym Buddy application can calculate your One Rap Max for each and every set and track down your best achievements. To celebrate your achievement, it flips the screen and says “YES”, just to motivate and encourage you for further improvement.

• Detail screen is added with each of your workout and exercise, which includes an elaborate description of your performance.

• You can further add notes of maximum 4 lines, to each of your exercises. You can make future plans and add a note, which will appear on the input screen.

• Supports kilograms and provides results in decimal weights.

• For the convenience of the users, the Gym Buddy application supports other languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Italian.

However, with all these easy to use and extremely useful features, Gym Buddy is no doubt one of the best Healthcare and Fitness applications available in the iTunes Store.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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  2. - Supersets can now be created with bodyweight and assisted weight exercises.
    - The exercise list for a workout now shows any exercises performed today in green.

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