Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Arcade Bowling Application offers Another Amazing Bowling Experience on Your iPhone

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Release Date: 10th Feb 2009 (latest version released on 21st February 2009)

Seller: Skyworks Interactive, Inc. © Skyworks Interactive, Inc.

Price: Free

Arcade Bowling Lite is another addictive bowling game that you can enjoy playing on your iPhone. This free application was released on 10th Feb, 2009 and ranks 1st in the list of top free iPhone applications in the APP Store. The Arcade Bowling Lite iPhone application gives you an awesome opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of the classic arcade game of bowling from on your iPhone.

How to Play Arcade Bowling Lite
iPhone developer have fully utilized the built-in accelerometer as well as the touch-screen technology of the iPhone in creating the game control. On Arcade Bowling Lite application you use your finger to aim and fling the “laser” balls down the bowling alley up the ramp and into the holes. Your score depends on the distance of the hole. The further the hole is, the more points you get. By tilting the device you can manipulate the laser balls in the mid air as they fly off the ramp. You can use the built-in accelerometer of the iPhone to adjust your aim simply by tilting the device to right or left. To control the speed of the balls, you need to tilt the device forward and backward.

Arcade Bowling Application Features

The Arcade Bowling Lite version features exclusive state of the art 3D graphics, impressive soundtracks and a Classic Game Mode. In this game mode you are offered 9 balls that you can play with to score as many points as you can. The full and paid version of the application further features a Classic Mode and a Progressive Mode, accelerometer based control, 2 exclusive background music tracks, high score boards and many more.

To find more about this crazy game click on the iTunes App Store link bellow:

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