Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Card Counter iPhone App: Learn Card Counting Tricks from Your iPhone

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Release Date: 27th February 2009/ Upgraded Version Released on 6th March 2009

Seller: © TMSOFT LLC

Price: $2.99

The Card Counter iPhone application has indeed left the Nevada Gaming Control Board in deep thoughts. This awesome application will teach you to count cards like a pro, but in a legal way. The Card Counter iPhone gaming application will teach you each and every technique of counting cards that will help you to play the real game at casinos and win every hand. iPhone developer designed the Card Counter application in the most simple and convenient way in order to help the users learn the different card counting techniques within minutes.

The Card Counter iPhone application was released on 23rd Feb, 2009, and since then has become extremely popular among casino goers across the world. Card Counter is featured in the iTunes App Store under the paid gaming application category and is priced $2.99. The price might seem to be a bit high for many of you, but actually it is nothing compared to its functionality. Counting cards with help of cell phones is considered as illegal by Casino owners. With this unique application, you can now easily count cards and that so legally.

Game Features

Following is a list of different features of the Card Counter application:

• The card tutorial feature of the application demonstrates the card counting procedure.
• You can learn the counting system by the studying the featured chapters.
• The Card Counter application features 5 unique game levels; easy, medium, hard and
• You can polish your skills on the practice modes.
• You can check your progress with the world wide high score ranking.
• Includes the basic strategy reference card of Blackjack.
• On Card Counter, you can learn all different card system like Hi-Lo, KO, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt-II, Silver Fox, Omega II etc.

So, sharpen up your card counting skills with the Card Counter application and amaze your opponent players with your unique ability to keep the card count.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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