Monday, February 16, 2009

Drink Mix iPhone Application: Drink According to Your Mood and Personality!

Category: Lifestyle

Release Date: 14th Feb 2009 (latest version released on 26th February 2009)

Seller: Krysis, LLC © 2009 Krysis LLC

Price: $0.99

The Drink Mix is indeed a unique kind of application created exclusively for the iPhone platform. No matter whether you are a seasoned drinker looking for some changes in your regular drink or a newbie in search for adventure, the Drink Mix iPhone application is sure to satisfy you with its unique features and ability. iPhone developer have designed this application to provide you with a suggestion of drink that would perfectly suite your personality and mood.

This simple yet unique Drink Mix application is featured in the App Store under the Lifestyle category. Released on 14th Feb, 2009 the Drink Mix iPhone is in fact one of the best drinking applications ever created for the iPhone platform. To download this application onto your iPhone, you need to first buy it from the iTunes App Store with $0.99.

Features of Drink Mix Application

The Drink Mix application has taken drinking application to a new height. Unlike the other similar applications, Drink Mix has this unique ability to match drinks according to your personality as well as your current mood. The application suggests drink based on 5 distinct points of individual compatibility. Drink Mix features almost all virtual classic drinks in its database. It quenches your curiosity for unique drinks by making some minute observations of your personality that will leave you simply spellbound. You can select your drink based on the following categories; Personality, Mood, Gender, Appearance and Glass Type.

After you have chosen the category and input all your information, the application will automatically mix drinks and suggest you a drink that will, without any question match with your personality and mood. The application further provides you creative and unique commentary on your drink compatibility as well as gives you a brief summery about how to prepare the drink.

So, if you want to have a unique drinking experience, take help from the Drink Mix iPhone application and customize your own drink!

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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