Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Enhance Your Knowledge of ECG with the Instant ECG iPhone Application

Category: Medical

Release Date: 6th January 2009/ Updated Version Released on 1st March 2009

Seller: iAnesthesia LLC © iAnesthesia LLC

Price: $9.99/ Revised Price: $4.99

The Instant ECG iPhone application is undoubtedly the best medical application available on the device. It is extremely useful and a must have application for all medical and healthcare professionals. Instant ECG is an application that provides ECG or Electrocardiogram related information in order to provide instant help to medical practitioners as well as common people in times of emergencies. Released on 6th January, 2009, the Instant ECG iPhone application is available only in the iTunes Store and costs $9.99. iPhone developer have specifically designed this application for medical students, nurses and paramedics in order to help them with the basic knowledge of EGC and also give them a chance to check their skills with more than 150 set of questions.

The Instant ECG application fully utilizes the interactive touch-screen technology of the device. You can navigate and use the application with simple taps and touches on the iPhone screen. On Instant ECG, you can learn the basic of ECG, myocardial action potential, electrophysiology, associated waveforms, segments and intervals etc. You can also learn the difference between the various myocardial ischemias or pattern of injuries.

The Unique Features of Instant ECG

The Instant ECG application features are extremely interactive and useful. Some of the best features of the application are listed here:
• 20 Rhythm Strips and 10 12 – lead ECGs for making detail analysis (with full discussion on key points)
• “real-time” full screen movie to make rhythm analysis
• More than 30 distinct arrhythmias along with individual diagnosis criteria

The Instant ECG application further offers more than 100 questions that you can answer to check your knowledge on ECG and related issues. The application features five set of exams, which includes ECG basics, Multiple Choice, True/ False, 12-lead Identification and Rhythm Identification.

The Instant ECG application, with its unique features and wide options has become extremely popular among medical professionals as well as common citizens who wish to enhance their knowledge about ECG.

To check out the Tap & Track app, click on the iTunes App Store link bellow:

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